My method of RTT (rapid transformational therapy) works.  I trained in the very first intake group of hand-selected therapists with Britain’s Best Therapist, trainer, author and speaker Marisa Peer and am now a Master RTT practitioner and trainer. 

I am also a Coach, NLP practitioner, and Marisa Peer Weight Loss Practitioner.

I met Marisa 21 years ago when I was handling the PR for American motivational guru Tony Robbins. Marisa and I were about to climb a telegraph pole and jump off the top of it and both had some limiting beliefs that we overcame via this activity and a record-breaking fire walk. We immediately clicked. I ran a highly successful and multi award-winning PR agency in London at the time and together with leading corporate clients such as BA’s Air Miles I worked with, and for, many of the world’s leading personal development coaches including Brandon Bays, Robert Holden and Edward de Bono. This gave me an excellent understanding into human behaviour. I qualified in NLP with Richard Bandler and studied hypnosis with Paul McKenna.

I have worked for a leading UK Business Development Consultancy that has its own proven method of business thinking for success and also as a marketing and communications director and consultant, latterly in the International and domestic charity sector as I am passionate about changing lives – especially for the marginalised.

As a BA English Graduate, member of the British Association of Journalists, University lecturer and highly empathetic communicator I understand the power of words and I understand the power of the brain and how our thoughts affect our behavior. These skills have been honed by training as one of Marisa Peer’s first ever graduates in her outstanding hypnotherapy method that has only been available to her A-list clients previously. I am soon to be a certified Trainer for Marisa, training future therapists in her rapid transformational technique.

Over the last 30 years I have, in times of challenge, turned to several types of therapy, including psychotherapy and CBT. I’ve discovered meditation and mindfulness. I’ve prayed and gone to yoga and pilates. I had cancer 12 years ago. I have children. I’ve been divorced. Life has taught me compassion. But nothing has worked as effectively as hypnotherapy. I saw Marisa as a client of hers 20 years ago and she cured my issue in one session. For ever. She has always specialised in curing people in one session (max three), as she knows that people in pain want quick and lasting relief. Many of her clients have tried hypnotism before but it has ‘failed’. She has studied why and her rapid transformation therapy addresses such issues.

It is a joy for me to be able to change lives, one at a time, using her amazing techniques.
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