Is your life out of balance?  Do you crave peace?  A good night’s sleep?  The feeling that your life has purpose?

Do you feel guilty about the lack of time you spend with your loved ones and friends? Let alone yourself.  Do you lay awake at night feeling like you have to keep running and spinning an endless array of plates on poles?

Are your worries stopping you from being confident or feeling joy?  Do you stress over the fact that you are tired much of the time? Do you turn to alcohol or drugs to relax?  Are there deep longings within you to rediscover your authentic self?   To a place of peace. Perhaps to a simpler way of life or an ability to love the life you are in?


You just crave balance. You don’t want to give it all up but you want to love your job, be passionate about your life and be there for special relationships: not least with yourself.

Take a piece of paper and draw two columns.  On the left hand side make a list of all the things in your life that negatively affect your well being that need restoration.  Now just think for a moment what the benefit would be if any and all of them were revised, revived, replenished and renewed.  Write these down on the right hand side.  Now think of what you would pay to shift your life from the left to right hand side of the paper?  What are you paying and how compromised is your life currently as you do not have this freedom?

Work with me and in only a matter of hours you can remove the root causes of these issues and be free.

Rosalyn Palmer Hypno