The following client testimonials relate to presenting issues including weight loss, confidence, public speaking, erectile dysfunction, temporary paralysis and sports performance


“I am blown away by what Ros has done for me in just one session! She has such sharp insight that she can get to the root cause of the issue and solve it efficiently. I was slightly sceptical about “transformational” hypnotherapy, but now I see that it really is truly transformational. With just one session, and then the recording, I was able to participate on a panel at a high level industry conference, and do so with ease and confidence. It was something I had been dreading as I felt I did not have the inner confidence to carry it off, and I ended up looking forward to it! I listened to the recording right before my panel, and Ros’ words were in my head as I stood up and took my place on the stage in front of very senior people, and it really lifted me. At a couple of points when I wavered slightly inside, her words came back to me, and I returned to being a “bulletproof public speaker” which was our theme and goal. I listened to the recording straight afterwards as an affirmation of what I had just achieved. I asked my fellow panelists for honest feedback

and got this: “You were focused, concise, gave practical examples, and were relaxed and amusing”. Exactly what I wanted to achieve! Ros has razor sharp intellect, emotional intelligence in spades and such unique life experience that she sees really quickly what your thinking patterns are and how to fix them, then does this with such conviction of the outcome that it cannot fail to happen! Thank you Ros, I hope to work with you again on other things that are holding me back from living an uncompromised life – although I think you got to quite a few of them in this one session! I am truly thankful, you are truly gifted and you change lives.” Louise R

“Rosalyn is an empathetic and skilled practitioner. For much of my life, I had been unable to speak up and be confident in what I said.
Since my session with Rosalyn this has all changed and I now ‘have a voice.’ Lots of people have noticed the changes in me and I feel so much happier. I would highly recommend her as an effective therapist.” A.M. Worcester UK

“I would highly recommend therapy with Rosalyn. She is a very inspirational woman, her lovely personality made me relaxed and reassured before she had even started the session with me. Hypnotherapy has changed me in a way I have not even expected. It has triggered a big change in me. Shortly after the session I had realised I had stopped doing things which were the reason for the therapy, without even thinking about it! And not just that, I am generally much more relaxed, focused, I am not afraid to talk to people, I feel happy and looking forward into the future. Most of my fears are gone. Even on a bad day I know it is just a glitch, I put on the recording from Rosalyn and her gentle voice quickly puts me back on track. My life is now about my choices. This Therapy is truly TRANSFORMATIONAL!” Mrs. D.S. London UK

“Hi Rosalyn,  You are so kind for checking in with me.  I have been listening to the recording each night before I go to bed.  I am definitely experiencing a shift in feeling, thinking and doing after our session.  The shifts wouldn’t be overtly obvious to others, but to me they have been huge and results are beginning to stack up.
First — I experienced a sort of spacial gap between the two sides of myself: (that were discussed)… For the first time, I was able to see, as an objective witness, the state of “helpful” and all it had become to me.  And because of that objectivity, I’ve opened up a conversation with myself about whether or not I want to be led in life by my need to be “helpful” or how you brilliantly presented it as redemptive. I’ve never questioned it before, and actually felt a sort of healthy rebellion doing so which felt fantastic!
I feel like the state of helpful in me was a compulsion and not a choice.  I felt I had become a slave to it–that it defined me and owned me.  But I couldn’t see any of that until we had our session and the days that have followed listening to the recording each night.  Now, I have freedom to choose, and more importantly a freedom to define helpful and redemptive in any way I want, moment-to-moment.  Now, there is no pull, just options that are inclusive of all that I can offer and experience that requires ZERO sacrifice.  Yes, I truly can say that now I feel, believe and live the truth, I CAN HAVE IT ALL.
After our session, this amazing ability to focus and to access that part of my brain that effectively problem solves, is happening.  Now I can have it all! More…please.
Much love and appreciation for you.” S.T. USA

“I have to tell you this. You are one very special lady. I did what you said regarding making my presentation and I nailed it. I had so much attention it was unreal. Here is the best bit. I stayed in control the whole time and never quivered once. I have spent thousands of pounds, literally, on trying to control this behaviour and you nailed it in one go. I am absolutely astounded. Please do something with this skill and go help other people. Thank you.” Paul C. Northants. UK

“Hi Rosalyn.  Seemed like a great time to get back to you about the results. I’ve got to say it’s been rather incredible. I’ve literally had no need for the medication or help in any way. Absolutely incredible change. It almost seems impossible how much of a difference the session made. Straight away from getting back after holidays I had no need at all for the pills. For a while my girlfriend didn’t even believe I had stopped taking them! Thank you so much! Made such a massive change to my life. I feel like a new person!”  Ben E. Nottingham UK

“I didn’t really know what to expect from the hypnotherapy session and I probably didn’t expect to be able to say, “you changed my life”, but that’s literally what happened. It’s not just about the weight loss, which is impressive in itself, but my whole outlook on food, my body and life itself has changed for the better. I actually look forward to eating less and making healthier food choices and I even look forward to exercise and getting in shape! Most importantly the session and the recording really nailed the emotional reasons underlying the weight retention – after the therapy they just aren’t there anymore. It’s quite amazing. I can’t recommend you enough.”  Tim H. London UK

Updated: “Three months after the treatment and I’m still losing weight and feeling – and looking – better than I have in a very long time. The best part about the hypnotherapy is I don’t feel I’m depriving myself of anything. I just don’t crave the sort of foods (breads, cakes and sweets) that made me overweight in the first place.  The second best thing is that I can now wear a whole wardrobe of (very nice) clothes that I had all but given up on ever wearing again.  It’s made a huge difference to my life and I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know!” Tim H. London UK

“The recording is amazing, you really did capture everything in such detail. I can’t even remember talking to you about a lot of the things you mention, but it’s so accurate. Even when I haven’t been listening to it, I can hear your voice.  I listened to the recording consistently and it made me feel a lot better “ Heather F. Nottingham. UK

“I’ve listened to the recording, which is really good. You have an amazing way of hitting the nail on its head – I don’t know how you do it. You are a sensitive and generous therapist. You are very perceptive and have a knack for understanding beyond words. I have greatly benefited from working with you and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others”.  Camellia.  Nottingham UK

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