After the euphoria of curing countless clients in the first two years after I qualified in RTT, I found that many of them wanted to continue their journey with me.  For others, we identified that there were many layers to their issues, or that many things were manifesting in different ways from the same deep-rooted issue.  A presenting issue would be addressed and then they would return to work on another damaging behavior. 

Thus I developed my Trust Transformation package that includes three RTT sessions with three coaching sessions in between. It is a 60-day programme. The powerful combination of RTT and coaching means that we deal with both the conscious/analytical mind and the subconscious mind so that the past blocks are removed and a new, empowering, future focus is developed and installed.

In short, the dissonance between the two (and often the self-sabotage that is occurring) can be removed and a reimagined future planned for and achieved.