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The women and men I work with have invariably already invested a great deal of time and money in an effort to fix their lives.  Outwardly, they may appear successful.  Inwardly, they can be empty and be numbing their pain and overwhelm with unhealthy behaviours.

Conflict within one’s self is the essential ingredient in all suffering.  Unresolved conflict and outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour lead to pain and dis-ease.

I see behind the mask and empathise with the suffering that you may be feeling.  I work with many high-flying executives who have attained external success but who feel empty or lacking in joy.  They want the turmoil to stop and to be in control of the physical and mental issues that are damaging their lives.

I also help those who keep nearly achieving outstanding success in their life but who self-sabotage with their thoughts or actions.

Do you crave freedom, balance and more joy?

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Trust Therapy

Do you want to stop the exhausting mind spin, habits and self-sabotage that stops you from your joy? 

As a result of my rapid transformational therapy my invested clients walk away with a new freedom of thought, feeling and action. They embrace more meaningful lives. They find more joy and happiness and they enjoy the act of living at a greater level.


Trust Transformation

Have you tried repeatedly to shift the blocks that stop you raising the bar on your daily and future life? That impacts on your business, your ability to make money, your connections?

Working closely with me on your life issues we can uncover your subconscious blocks through transformational therapy then install new habits to take you to a new vision of your life via coaching and mentorship. Less than a handful of people in the world can offer this service to you and my proven business and life background means I add empathy and wisdom to the process.

Transform teams

Do your teams enjoy T&D days yet a few months later the effects are negligible? 

Via my Corporate Transform Team workshops they can address unwanted behaviors at the root cause level; the subconscious hypnotherapy allows powerful shifts in a safe environment. Coupled with bespoke coaching that is bookended with further hypnotic commands these powerful workshops work.



My first book, “Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life” was released on September 5th 2018.

“Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life” has been selling incredibly well already and there’s some wonderful reviews over on Amazon. I’m also thrilled to announce that the book was voted Highly Commended at the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards! Click the button below to order your copy on Amazon today!



What stops you from having the life, business success and rewards you desire?

The truth is, up until now, your best efforts have been undermined by, well, your mind.

What if you could, by watching and listening to ten bite sized coaching and training modules, have a blueprint for setting goals that will take you via daily steps to the BIG goals for your life and business that you feel are outside of your reach?

This unique course goes deeper than other traditional goal-setting courses. It harnesses the proven power of Rapid Transformational Therapy, imagery, mindset and world-class coaching to engage your subconscious mind and take you from unwanted feelings, beliefs and behaviours to a new destiny by your own design.

Changing the way you think at the deepest level changes the way you feel and act. It is that simple. And by rewiring yourself at this deepest level, it becomes a permanent part of you. 

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 I’m super excited to share that I’m a winner in the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards! The awards are a fantastic showcase for natural products and wellbeing services and I am delighted to have been recognised in the Personal Development Coaching category for my Trust Transformation package.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and to Janey Lee Grace and her rather amazing team of fellow judges. You can find the full list of award winners here.



As featured in the Amazon No. 1 bestselling books “Ignite Your Life for Women” and “Ignite Your Female Leadership”. 

Thirty-five exceptional women have united to create a series of books designed to light your spark through connection. Each story holds a life-lesson, an awareness and an IGNITE moment that influenced the trajectory of the story teller’s life profoundly.


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