Would you like your life to feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside?

To find out and remove what is stopping you from being the best version of yourself and living your best and most authentic life?

RTT & Coaching by expert Rosalyn Palmer

I help mis-aligned high performing business people to add joy to their portfolio.

Welcome. You will have arrived here though one of many routes. You may have read my book and it spoke to you. Or I spoke to you, in person, at an event, as a speaker, broadcaster or in my column. Something in my words, in my truth, resonated with you Or you are curious and will read more about me here.

You’ve been seeking a leading transformational therapist or coach, not sure of who to choose but certain that you want to change. That you are ready to change and want to finally end the old ways of feeling and behaving that have held you prisoner and robbed you of your joy. You want someone experienced with proven results and able to understand you and your challenges.  I have, over six years, tailored a number of award-winning and high-end solutions that can help you.

Ready to move away from pain towards balance and joy?

Do you want to change the pain of the words in the pink box to a life of freedom with the words in the blue box?
Fear, negativity, fatigue, despair, disease, sadness, self-doubt, stagnation, guilt, trauma, stress, worry, judgement, debt, lack, dread, rage, failure, loneliness, disappointment, disillusionment, anxiety, resistance, loss, struggle, overwhelm, loss shut-down, confusion, worthlessness
Peace, calm, happiness, hope, abundance, flow, clarity, freedom, delight, tranquillity, certainty, balance, lightness, security, wealth, healing, contentment, fun, faith, hope, love, enthusiasm, connection, energy, joy, visibility, voice, passion, health, self-worth, success, confidence, purpose, creativity

Working with me will be right for you if:

  • You are a successful leader, entrepreneur or senior manager who craves alignment between your inner authentic self and the external life you have created
  • You are done with being a human doing (and not a human being), stuck on the hamster wheel of success
  • You want even more of a life of your dreams, on your terms, as good as it can possibly get
  • You want to break free of old patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour and be back in the driving seat of your life
  • You want to feel better long- term with the reassurance that you have a toolkit of easy-to-implement solutions to overcome all future challenges that come your way
  • You don’t want your old stories, learned behaviours and self-imposed limitations to stop you truly living the best life your genius and hard work can create
  • You want to find purpose, passion and joy and leave behind old pains and soul-sapping, energy depleting all or nothing ways of thinking and behaving

Well, let’s talk.


Winner in the Personal Development Coaching category for my Trust Transformation package.

I’m not your average therapist or coach. I’m a maverick. I will guide, heal, push, challenge, listen or hold space for you.

“All that I need is within me”. It took many attempts for me to finally fully believe and live by that mantra. You are the same, so what you really need is for someone to work alongside you to make this true. Together we can create change that lasts.

A lot of people say “I LOVE you Ros!” and I love to hear this.  They are not everyone. I’m not for everyone and I’m not your average therapist or coach. If you are ready for change and committed to the process, I’d love to help you.

I know how to take your life, success and joy way beyond what you can even imagine and free you from old unwanted limitations as I’ve walked in your shoes. I know that a life in flow and balance comprises the best of 5Fs: Faith, Fitness, Friends, Family and Finance.

I can help you to gain a life of balance and freedom and finally let go of that big-lie you’ve been telling yourself for years. By identifying the root cause of this false truth, accepting it, sending it on its way and installing new and better subconscious programming you can start to imagine a life hitherto impossible. Then you can live it.

Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life celebrates its two year birthday.

My book Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. In this, my first book, I teach you how to overcome negative patterns and reprogramme yourself to operate at a higher level and with more joy than you thought possible.

But don’t go off to the book now. Find out more first about how I can work with you on a bespoke basis to not only bring all of this wisdom and proven expertise to bear but how I can intuitively apply it to what is stopping your best life and joy.

Reset! Winner in its first week of publication of a Highly Commended award in the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards.

“A breath of fresh air in self-development. Compelling, candid and funny. This book is for any woman or man who is living a life that looks great from the outside’ Rosalyn Palmer.

And it truly is! Rosalyn’s brilliant, no-nonsense advice on how to live the life you actually want is seamlessly woven in between personal stories of her own challenging life experiences.

Ros writes with candour about her life. Her openness, honesty and humour is compelling, keeping you engaged until you discover what nuggets of wisdom she will give you at the end of each story. Her self-help strategies are based not only on her own experiences, but on her years of training, research and skills as a professional. As a coach myself, I know these work and really can be life-changing.

This is such a breath of fresh air in the world of self development books. Ros’s fascinating journey of highs and lows is easy and great reading. She brings together science, spirituality, practicality and downright common sense advise that is perfect for the modern world and busy people. I loved this book and have already recommended it to both clients and friends!”

Alison Harris

I'm so over overwhelm

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“Ros, I love reading these. You’re an amazing writer, chatty and comfy. Thank you!”

Victoria Carter

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Goalsetting Success Course

What stops you from having the life, business success and rewards you desire?

Together with leading High Growth Business Coach Stuart Ross, I have created a transformational therapy/coaching course, which goes much deeper than other traditional goal-setting tools.

Harnessing the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy, imagery, mindset and world-class coaching, you will engage your subconscious mind and clear away unwanted feelings, beliefs and behaviours to a new destiny by your own design.

This course is ideal for you if you want to reassess where you are going after recent upheaval. Find out more and purchase your course by clicking the button below:


Rosalyn has a gift

“Rosalyn has a gift, a gift she readily shares to better the lives of others. Personally, after working with other therapists, I can truly reflect that the time I spent with Rosalyn was masterfully used to allow me the transformation I needed to continue on my path to success. The shifts one is able to make in a single session makes a profound difference to the client.”JB Owen, Founder & CEO Ignite Book Series.

I’m more present and I just know with clarity where I am going now

“I was wearing many hats, and in the process completely lost myself. Working with Rosalyn allowed me to realise in my life where I was not congruent with myself, what really mattered to me. I’m more focused, I am more confident, more content and my husband, I noticed that I loved him much more.

I’ve started to go to the gym, I walk every day. I’m more happy, I know where I want to take my life, I know what I want to do. I trust the future, I’m grateful every morning when I wake up and I’m grateful every night. I just enjoy life. I’m more present and I just know with clarity where I am going now. Would I recommend working with Rosalyn? Yes, absolutely.”

Frederique Morris.

A relationship no longer defines me, I am whole for the first time in my life.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our session. Before my session I felt so anxious and desperate. I was seeking approval. I felt like I needed someone else to complete me. After our session it was like magic. I felt whole. Feeling whole and confident I started to act in ways a confident whole person would act.

Rosalyn helped me realize I get to choose my own life. What I have chosen is to be happy and an amazing partner is very important to me. That is available to me. I have something inside me that has been fixed and it is radiating through now. I will never settle again, I also will not beg, plead, I will communicate professionally, matter of factly, and wait. I will communicate with actions. This is life changing.”

Kannary Keo, Weight-Loss Coach. 

Ready to reset?

The women and men I work with have invariably already invested a great deal of time, money and emotion in an effort to fix their lives. They are frustrated that they can’t pull themselves together, break free of old narratives and gain the success in their lives that they strive for.

Book a call with me or read more about how it all works.


The Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards for natural products and wellbeing services. I was a winner in the Personal Development Coaching category for my Trust Transformation package.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and to Janey Lee Grace and her fellow judges. You can find the full list of award winners  here.



I was delighted to be in the running for the 2020 iLAB Health Impact Awards.

The Health Impact Awards recognise leaders in health and wellness, who are creating global impact and a better world and support health entrepreneurs to become more successful in their business and lives.