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I help those with all health and wellbeing challenges, particularly ones that are a result of a success-driven lifestyle.  I particularly specialise in working with high-flying executives or business people who are not enjoying their success or lives.  Who have attained success but who feel empty or lacking any joy.  Or who keep nearly achieving outstanding success but self-sabotage with their thoughts or actions.  This can often lead to unwanted addictive behaviour.

I specialise in helping women whose daily lives are incompatible with their mental and physical wellbeing and life balance.

I also specialise in treating men who outwardly appear to have it all but inwardly just want the turmoil to stop or to be in control of physical and mental issues that are damaging their life.

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Trust Therapy

Do you want to stop the exhausting mind spin, habits and self-sabotage that stops you from your joy? 

As a result of my rapid transformational therapy my invested clients walk away with a new freedom of thought, feeling and action. They embrace more meaningful lives. They find more joy and happiness and they enjoy the act of living at a greater level.


Trust Transformation

Have you tried repeatedly to shift the blocks that stop you raising the bar on your daily and future life? That impacts on your business, your ability to make money, your connections?

Working closely with me on your life issues we can uncover your subconscious blocks through transformational therapy then install new habits to take you to a new vision of your life via coaching and mentorship. Less than a handful of people in the world can offer this service to you and my proven business and life background means I add empathy and wisdom to the process.

Transform teams

Do your teams enjoy T&D days yet a few months later the effects are negligible? 

Via my Corporate Transform Team workshops they can address unwanted behaviors at the root cause level; the subconscious hypnotherapy allows powerful shifts in a safe environment. Coupled with bespoke coaching that is bookended with further hypnotic commands these powerful workshops work.

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I am passionate about good health and often the brain/gut connection is key to this, that’s why I recommend Linda Booth and Just For Tummies.

For your better gut health. 

Rosalyn Palmer Hypno