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Who would benefit? 

Anyone frankly. If you have a mental, physical or another anxiety-inducing issue that you cannot seem to shift.

The key element is that you must be at a stage in your life where you are 100% committed to finally changing for good. If this is so, then this is for you; especially if you have tried to change repeatedly but have been unsuccessful long-term in the past. This is for you if you want to improve a specific area of your life or business and haven’t been able to get there yourself. This is for you is you want a life of freedom, joy and fulfilment.

What sort of people do you work with?

No. I work with anyone who is committed to investing in themselves and this process to reclaim the joy and freedom of living life at the next level can bring. It is just that I am particularly suited through my own business background (and the price I paid for it with my health and happiness) to work with those who are in a similar position. All the elements that add up to a success in business: removing money blocks; confidence; overcoming procrastination or perfectionism; public speaking; team working and being visible are issues I address.

I have had much success with helping those with physical issues including pain and IBS through my rapid transformational therapy.

Interestingly I found, three years ago that the children of the high-flyers I was working with were also referred to me so now I have a strong track record in helping late teens/early 20s who face terrible life-altering issues such as anorexia, self-harm, depression, lack of confidence, withdrawal from University or home and even suicidal thoughts.

How does it work long-term?
After identifying that there will be a root cause of an issue – in this case why you want to be a published author but then doubt your ability to write your story or find the process of digging into the truth of your story very painful – we can address your beliefs at this deepest and powerful subconscious level. Communicating directly with your subconscious mind (with your conscious buy-in and full support for this change process) these recordings then give you specific, positive, powerful suggestions that your mind listens to in a receptive state. With repeat listening (as repetition at this deep subconscious level can change your neural pathways – the Grooves in your Mind – that keep you stuck in old patterns of behaviour) you can create new, effective and permanent ways of thinking and behaving in the positive way that you desire.
Isn’t hypnotherapy just for phobias and deep-seated trauma?

Well yes, many of my clients come seeking help to get rid of a phobia, to help with a physical issue such as sleep or to combat their anxiety or stress but increasingly I find that I can work with them to address more esoteric things like finding their life purpose or unlocking their creativity, finding their story. Once you tap into that inner part of your mind and get the destructive chatter out of the way you can get that ‘Eureka’ moment! It really is all about optimising the mind’s brain waves to achieve your own personal brainwave…

So how do you tap in at this level?

Well, first and foremost you get into a receptive state.

Hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system. You don’t actually go to sleep. You are fully aware but through a very relaxing process (like a deep level of meditation or relaxation) you go to a deeper level of yourself. This is called trance and it a natural state that we go in and out of repeatedly every day. If you have been in a classroom and lost track of what the teacher is saying or as an adult been in a board meeting or training course and drifted away in your thoughts, then this is a trance. If you have been driving on the motorway and been so absorbed in your thoughts that you miss your turning, then this also is a trance. You are still there, still driving the car (or yourself for that matter) but also at the same time somewhat detached in your thinking. We all do it so the hypnotic process just guides you into this place, safely and easily.

That is interesting. Tell me more. What is the science behind it?
The mind chatter and normal internal voice we are used to comes from our ‘busy’ Beta brain waves that regularly dominate our brain activity. They are fast. They come from the left, logical hemisphere of the brain and drive your conscious thinking. They serve a good purpose as they let you think quickly like a great microprocessor which is great if you appear on a quiz show or are finding quick solutions to problems. The problem is that like a turbo or sports switch on your gear box, if you drive at this capacity all the time it is exhausting and wears out the engine. That is you.

We couldn’t go to sleep if our mind stayed on this level of functioning. So it switches down a gear to another set of thinking brain waves called Tetra. They are slower. More determined and are associated with REM – Rapid Eye Movement and that early stage of sleep. Einstein had catnaps and he would have gone into this state and not surprisingly it is brilliant for being innovative as when you are in Tetra brain waves you feel relaxed yet it is tempered with good intuition and problem solving abilities. This is where the Eureka moments are stored.

So this is exactly where hypnosis takes you. By relaxing and being guided by an expert who understands the elements associated with guiding your tetra brain waves you can tap into this, like a form of deliberate daydreaming, with a goal and outcome in mind to tap into your creativity and be solution focused.

How does it feel?
As explained above, many times you don’t even know you are going into trance and how ‘deep’ you go differs from person to person and also for the same person day to day. All you need to know is that it is safe as your subconscious will never allow you to do anything that will harm you or not be in your interest. That is our primeval wiring and that is why humanity has survived. Our subconscious mind kicks in at times of trouble (fight or flight response: very handy when we had to either fight or run away from a sabre-toothed tiger) and also in the very day. That is why, for example, people behave very differently if they are intoxicated. Some fall asleep. Some get grumpy. Some become argumentative and some dance on the table. But not everyone. And not every time. 

This process is safe, in your interest and scientifically based. Also, how ‘deep’ you go is not an indication of how effective it will be. It is about how committed you are to making this change and the very fact that you have signed up to this powerful course proves you are in that place. 

 Please do not panic when you read the word ‘trance’. It is a state of mind which is completely natural and enjoyable.  In fact, we go into trance all the time – driving along a motorway, watching the TV or cooking our favourite meal – no doubt you remember that feeling of ‘zoning out’.  It’s one of the easiest and most pleasant things to contrive, so I promote it in my treatment room – and the brain absolutely loves it.  All you feel is complete and utter relaxation because your conscious mind allows itself to switch off – and when it does this your ‘busy’ Beta brain waves reduce and your ‘thinking’ Theta brain waves take off. Giving your Theta brain waves, and your right hemisphere of the brain, the chance to flourish can allow that great idea which has been locked at the back of your head the chance to come front and centre.  I reinforce this change in brain activity by incorporating a metaphor story into the trance – this is where it’s different to mindfulness or yoga.  This is the special bit so let’s unlock it a little more.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
No. That’s a myth. You will maintain full control the entire time and when you do let go and go into trance your subconscious will only let you go so far as it will always protect you. 
Can I listen to more than one transformational recording a day?

You will listen to each of the three sessions recordings one after another. We guide you about the optimal time before moving onto the next stage of our programme. Once you have completed the full course, as a ‘top-up’ you can listen to each and any of the recordings daily and always do this in the order they are scheduled as there are many subliminal messages that build, one recording to another. 

When is the best time to listen to my transformational recording?

It is up to you. The important thing is to listen to each of the recordings (e.g. recording 1 then recording 2 then recording 3) at the same time each day as the mind loves what is familiar and also loves and is changed through repetition. So if that time is upon waking for you then set aside time to listen to that same recording each morning. Or it may be at night for you. Again make it the same time for the duration of that session.

What happens if I fall asleep whilst listening? 
Many people love listening to the recordings just before they go to bed and indeed we have given subliminal instructions to allow you to drift into a deep and healing sleep that supports the change process. If you worry that you are not ‘taking it all in’ as you tend to fall asleep quickly while listening then do the following: firstly, prop yourself up on pillows in bed and do not be fully horizontal and secondly, listen to the recording while fully awake at least one time. Do not go into the trance process, just listen so that you know consciously that the words and powerful suggestions have gone in. 
Is it safe for me?

Only you can answer this. If you are receiving treatment for a psychologically related issue or are taking mood-altering drugs of any kind or are in any way unsure of this, then you must consult your physician and get their permission to undertake this course. Do not listen to the recordings while driving or operating any machinery. You must go somewhere safe and quiet where you will not be disturbed during the session.

Do you offer concessionary rates?

Yes, we do. We currently offer special rates to help make therapy accessible for those in full-time study, those who are unemployed or low waged and for senior citizens and veterans. To find out more, please contact

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