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Inspirational Speaker Rosalyn Palmer

Inspiring thousands on the topics of our beliefs, goals, change, abundance and joy.

I have a very profound message that I share via podcasts and speaking platforms. That you can reset your life at any time, regardless of what life throws at you or how many wrong turns you have taken. I also have a blueprint and simple to understand method for creating – and maintaining – a life of balance and joy. It is beyond inspiration. It is about wellbeing that works.

So if you are looking for an inspirational speaker who can entertain and engage your audience on the topic of our beliefs, goals, change, abundance and joy then look no further. My messages are always relatable and backed with leading edge neuroscience and a phenomenal backstory that draws on oodles of personal experience and empathy.

I am also a experienced Emcee for major events (such as The Nottingham Digital Conference & High Growth Summit), holding speakers on message and on time for a packed agenda so can offer this service too, be it for your top 10 executives or an audience of thousands.

As a desk-trained Radio Broadcaster and Podcast host I understand radio and broadcasting and how to engage with an audience. I am a highly in-demand guest on podcasts worldwide, particularly on the topics of overcoming adversity, neuroscience and mindset and how to be happy.

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Focus and Flow Conference

A true wonder woman

“Rosalyn has spoken at a couple of our Love Ladies Business Group networking events and I highly recommend her engaging stature. Rosalyn captured our audience with her personal turbulent and heart wrenching family stories, as well as punchy and fun business stories from over the years.

By sharing these honest past experiences, it made us take in advice when shared Not only is Rosalyn an inspiring speaker, she also engaged with our guests before and after the events. A true wonder woman.”

Sue Crooks, Love Ladies Business Group Founder

I loved hearing about your journey!

“Rosalyn was the perfect mix between serious and fun! I loved the fact you got everyone in a short hypnosis state! You have had a rocky but honest life and I loved hearing about your journey!”

Francesca T

Such a gifted speaker

“Rosalyn, I just listened to your interview. What can I say? You are just brilliant. And such a gifted speaker. It is a joy to listen to you and to learn from you. Your advice on this interview was what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are amazing and deserve every bit of success. I think you’ve rightfully earned it.”

Dia, Germany

I could listen to her advice all day

“Rosalyn is a fantastic speaker; funny, warm, engaging and full of life. She weaved tales of her own life into actionable tips for us to start to change our own lives. We were inspired by her tenacity and her energy. We loved the meditation that helped us reset our minds and reclaim our worth and she bought gifts of seeds for everyone! I would definitely recommend Rosalyn as a speaker, I could listen to her advice all day!”

Debbie Clarke, Business Coach and Strategist and Founder of Blue Stockings Society

Meditation session was extraordinary

“Rosalyn, heartfelt thanks for sharing your ‘Tap into Your Inner Power’ with my group; the meditation session was extraordinary. You managed to take us into another world; a world of peace and tranquillity, worth and empowerment. The flow of your words was as powerful as the content. We hope to have you back again before too long!”

Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit CEO

Everyone needs to experience this

“Last week we were lucky enough to have Rosalyn as our guest speaker for our weekly online Network meeting. She took us all through a fabulous meditation which left us all feeling centred and inspired to tackle the week ahead. I couldn’t believe the impact of just taking a few minutes to focus on breathing, stopping and feeding yourself positive motivating words and images. Everyone needs to experience this, especially right now. Thank you so much Ros.”

Johanna, The Wellness Network

The group were transformed by Rosalyn’s ability

“The group were transformed by Rosalyn’s ability to bring them to a deep consciousness to connect with their thoughts, feelings and emotions allowing them to open up to the idea of growth and what it means to learn from and help others. The RTT sessions were a reminder that self care can be pivotal to achieving mindful success both personally and professionally.”

Dianna Ashworth, Impact Manager, Ignite Book Series

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Focus and Flow Conference

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