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My bestselling books are an excellent starting point for your own journey.

Each is packed with transformational tools and exercises that you can apply to your life right away – these are the things that have worked, and continue to work, for myself and my clients.

My first book, “Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life” was released late 2018. In its first week of publication, it received an award as it was voted Highly Commended at the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards!

Lots to ponder on. I will be sorry to finish it, In fact only today I suggested a friend get it as she is having a tough time and it’s such a positive read. (I have bought the paper back as well as the kindle version so I can read it in the bath) There is sooo much information in this book, yes it is Rosalyn’s journey but there is stuff for everyone there. I met Rosalyn when I was doing my RTT training. She was one of the lovely trainers and I remember how knowledgeable and supportive she was, just like her book.”


“Reset! outlines how you can take charge of your life, overcome challenges and live the life you want – all on your own terms.”

Robin Farmanfarmaian, professional speaker, investor and entrepreneur. Author of The Patient as CEO.

“Recommended to me by a friend, this brilliantly written book reveals an inspirational philosophy that will truly change your life.
It’s the ultimate in helping people to self discovery as Rosalyn Palmer deliberately lays herself wide open to reveal personal and professional episodes that have occurred during her life and ways in which she deals with certain events through revolutionary thinking processes and strategies.
She encourages everyone to contemplate and develop a new mindset.
The message constantly running throughout the book underlines the concept that employing such changes in your reactions to a
variety of challenges and indeed addressing situations on a day by day basis, will undoubtedly have major effects upon you and your life for the better.
An outstanding read.”

Reset! Your blueprint for a better life.

Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. It’s been highly rated, well received and many clients come to me after reading it.  Readers tell me that it brings clarity and direction to their lives in an easy to apply way.  It is written in such a way that you feel like a friend is speaking to you.  I share how to overcome negative patterns and reprogramme yourself to operate at a higher level and with more joy than you thought possible. A framework to give you a balanced life and simple, yet effective exercises, reinforce the powerful messages of the book.  If you want a signed copy then please order through this website.

Watch this short video where I explain why I wrote Reset! and how it is based on my many life experiences.


Reset! by Rosalyn Palmer - highly commended by Janey Loves 2018 Platinum Awards
Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life will guide you through a journey of self-discovery by Rosalyn Palmer

Ignite Female Changemakers

I’m a changemaker. Fact.

I had an analysis via the GC Index: The Gamechanger index.

Like you, I’ve had Myers Briggs and countless personality and performance over the years, and continue to learn and grow from the feedback. I felt elated to realise that I am one of the rarer of beasts: a Gamechanger which is the personality profile that this relatively new index was originally designed to find as so many companies lack true innovation.

Just as with all profile types, it is neither good or bad per se to be any type, but what my results confirmed to me is that my proclivities mean that my approach to leadership and coaching means that I am a catalyst for, and driver of, leading edge change. I am not an accountability coach or process driven.

Combined with scoring high for Playmaker (creating change for the future) and as a Strategist, this means that, as the report I received says: “For the ‘right’ people in your organisation, your approach will be engaging and exciting. You will want to see the ‘why’ of change embedded within a strategic plan or framework. You will have most impact within an organisation when you have the freedom to pursue Game Changing possibilities and put this change into both a strategic and commercial context.”

So, my chapter in this book can change your life along with the other 49 stories from courageous and determined women who are stepping into change in every area of their lives.


I have a growing selection of excellent eBooks. They are not just ‘magnets’ and like glittering prizes they entice you in and then are full of empty promises. No, these offer real and tangible advice and action steps to enable you to change your life for the better.

The selection of eBooks includes the titles below. Please contact us at with EBOOK request in the title of the email and we can arrange for one of your choices to be sent to you with out compliments.

Book Signings

A small montage of photos from one of my book signings. 
If you would like to purchase the book for your company I’m happy to create an author event.  Just contact us at 
Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life will guide you through a journey of self-discovery by Rosalyn Palmer

Ignite Your Life for Women

As featured in the Amazon No. 1 bestselling books “Ignite Your Life for Women”.

Thirty-five exceptional women have united to create a series of books designed to light your spark through connection. Each story holds a life-lesson, an awareness and an IGNITE moment that influenced the trajectory of the story teller’s life profoundly.

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