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Award-winning therapist, coach and author Rosalyn Palmer digs deep into the mindsets of those who have succeeded and failed, in both business AND the business of creating a balanced life.


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Learn From Leaders

Do you love to learn from leaders? Do you wish you could learn from their successes and failures to help you navigate your life and achieve better business outcomes? Do you ever wonder how those who succeed, or fail, in business go beyond good habits and manage to tame their monkey brain?

If your answered YES to any of the above then grab a coffee and listen to one of the fantastic episodes of Monkey Business. It’s the show where top business brains, entrepreneurs, CEOs and the millionaire mavericks share their mindset secrets as having the right mindset in business is arguably the #No.1 predictor of whether your business will succeed or fail.

What is more, your business may succeed but true success is not failing in your private life. Or sacrificing your health for your wealth.

Award-winning therapist & coach and best selling author Rosalyn Palmer digs deep into the mindsets of those who have succeeded, and failed, in both business AND the business of creating a balanced life. From the mavericks to the controlled leaders, she gains insights and practical advice from her guests into how their monkey minds have made them Kings and Queens of their own particular jungles

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Podcast Episodes

Now a mentor and coach to others Chris shares with me how that conversation made him focus on what really mattered: The two lengths he had to swim to win and…

From holistic health advisor to wholistic self living!

In this episode of Monkey Business, I am thrilled to be joined by Janey Lee Grace: top BBC UK radio presenter also on UK Health Radio. Her Alcohol-Free podcast and..

Remembering not ruminating about the past

Mary Storrie, CEO and Founder of charity The Rosie May Foundation shares how the murder of her 10-year-old daughter led to a conscious decision to remember her…

Become CEO of your own profile to stop being sidelined

Today I’m joined by the indefatigable Robin Farm…. Robin is a Professional Speaker, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor in nanotech and cutting-edge AI software…

Use curiosity to smash down iron curtains and be a female changemaker

My guest today is Andrea Gontkovicova. She is a leader as CEO of Philip Morris International across three Central European countries: Czech Republic, Hungary and…

Resisting being normalized makes for the perfect referee or Chair.

Wanda Goldwag, an English girl with a strange name resisted being ‘normalized’ in her teens & now is an empathetic chair or ‘corporate referee’ as she likes to refer to it…

How near death broke the ‘do more to be more’ hamster wheel.

Michael O’Brien shifted a near death experience to being his ‘last bad day’ & got off the ‘do more to be more’ hamster wheel that was the hallmark of his life as…

Wisdom from the back of a bike and chatting to David Bowie.

Pink Billionaire JB Own on lessons from the back of 5,000 km ‘fun’ bike ride, ignoring numbers and a chat with David Bowie. With energy, vision, drive and a…

WildFit guru shares being spiritual vs esoteric in business

Eric Edmedes, WildFit guru shares being spiritual vs esoteric in business & how not to be afraid of your bathroom scales. As well as being the founder of the fast-growing…

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