The power of transformational coaching in addition to hypnotherapy

To enable you to feel as good inside as the image you project outside you need to treat your mind like a garden.

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    About the Discovery Call

    Clarity about how you can reset your mindset and up level your life NOW

    It is not about ‘fixing’ you. I don’t do that. You are already good enough and no doubt functioning well but crave expanded vision, inner peace and to be in flow. I can create the space to allow you this. It may need a root cause removal to stop any Groundhog Day patterns of unwanted thought and behaviour so we will use transformational therapy. Then my coaching methods and personal vision can enable you to find more and be more.

    Understanding the uncomfortable lie you’ve been living with

    The lies we tell ourselves are hurtful and limiting. They keep us stuck or rob us of our joy. So why do we keep telling them? Because they originate in some outdated beliefs we hold. By identifying the root cause of the false truth that niggles you – that voice that sabotages you and that feeling deep inside that you will never really change it – we can send it on its way. And install in its place a new and better subconscious programming that means you live your best life ever.

    Explanation of how Therapy and NLP Coaching works and what it will do for you

    The skillset I have: advanced rapid transformational therapy (that combines clinical hypnotherapy, NLP CBT, and psychotherapy) plus NLP coaching is used in a way that is right for you. All designed to get to the root cause of unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours and rewire the way you look at the world, dialogue with yourself, add resilience and yet be free to take chances and embrace the new.

    A 7-step roadmap to goalsetting success PLUS my 5Fs Freedom Formula

    Together with leading high-growth business coach Stuart Ross I developed a seven-step process for goal setting success that goes beyond normal goalsetting to a deep, psychological level and a formula that is so simple that you won’t fail. My simple yet powerful 5 Fs formula is something you can wake up and do every day for the rest of your life to create a life of balance and joy.

    Confidence in me

    I’m arguably one of the world’s leading rapid transformational therapists. I trained on the Pioneer course six years ago (the 1st ever worldwide) and was one of only three trainers for the subsequent four courses then a trainer and mentor for three years. I trained in NLP in the 90s when working with Tony Robbins and I retrained five years ago.Beyond that deep level of training and the 1000s of hours with subsequent teachers: my clients; I get you.

    Ready to invest in you?

    I have walked in your shoes and I know how to make your super successful life feel as good inside as it looks outside as I’ve had to find a path to do this myself. Now my life is one of balance. I work only three days a week and live in a beautiful house surrounded by animals and fields. I have a broadcasting, writing and speaking career and I have utter integrity in what I do and how I do it. Let’s explore how I can deliver my energy and expanded vision to you.

    About Rosalyn Palmer

    Offering  therapy six years ago I was excited to be working with clients to revisit the past to identify and remove the root cause of an unwanted behaviour or thought pattern. To rewire the subconscious beliefs that hold us back and heal at the deepest level. I could relate as many times I’d been stuck in a ‘Groundhog’ day of repeated painful patterns myself as I dealt with all life had to throw at me.

    Adding this service was client-led as many of my business clients, who had removed these blocks that were holding them back wanted me to coach and mentor them to greater freedom and success.

    I found this a natural add on service as I drew on my 30 years of top level business and marketing expertise and having lived a life where I had success on the outside but not always joy on the inside. I was a natural coach. Not here to fix people but to help those who want more and something different.
    So I trained in NLP based coaching but the real magic is due to understanding of how to create change without more pressure. To know when to hold space and offer advice and when to push you to be the best version of you.

    I respect your intelligence and I respect your time as I respect my own. That’s why I can offer a half hour Discovery Call that gives you insight and is worth your busy time in delivering whatever take-aways work for you.



    Janey Loves Platinum Awards for Trust Transformation Coaching & Therapy Programme – in Wellbeing Services



    I was delighted to be runner up world-wide for this prestigious award.

    A featured speaker in

    Benefits of my transformational services

    Rapid – (in comparison to many other therapies), as usually only a limited number of sessions are required per issue.

    Transformational – as it gets to the root cause of your issue. Or maybe it is not even an issue for you – just something that holds you back. Once this is identified, it can be released.

    Therapeutic – as it draws on neuroscience to be insightful and healing without you having to be broken to benefit from it.

    Permanent – it is not a temporary fix or sticking plaster that holds until another life-challenge tips the balance again. Through a transformational process, new and desired beliefs can be installed in your neural pathways (the ‘hardwiring’ part of the brain). A bit like having the best computer software upgrade possible that means you can do more and be more with more joy in the process both at work and home.


    Michelle Elkins

    “Rosalyn, I read your post on Facebook and just wanted to say that I honestly and truly do not know where I would have been ( mentally) without your expertise, especially since lockdown . Yes there are people jumping on the bandwagon, we will never stop this, but I came to hear about you through a good friend and they had done the same in turn . You are somewhat of a legend in my circle and I know you are to many many more. Moving house is stressful ( I know this honey this is my area of expertise ) and it can make us feel like we need to get our nest in order before we can relax ( especially in this flaming pandemic) Just remember how amazing you are Rosalyn Palmer and the incredibly positive effect you have had and still give to enhance so many many lives xxx”

    Dia, Germany

    “Rosalyn, I just listened to your interview. What can I say? You are just brilliant. And such a gifted speaker. It is a joy to listen to you and to learn from you. I still remember the bits and pieces from your training segment on the MPM (RTT Course). It was so valuable. I have been struggling getting my RT practice up and running, and not treating it like a ‘sidekick’ but now due to the current circumstances, I really only have a year to grow I into a solid business to support our family. Your advice on this interview was what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are amazing and deserve every bit of success. I think you’ve rightfully earned it.”

    Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit

    “Rosalyn, heartfelt thanks for sharing your ‘Tap into Your Inner Power’ with my group; the Zoom meditation session was extraordinary. Even through the ether you managed to take us into another world; a world of peace and tranquility, worth and empowerment. The flow of your words was as powerful as the content, and I know that some viewers became quite emotional – in a nice way! As one woman put it so simply “OMG amazing!” We hope to have you back again before too long!”

    Johanna, The Wellness Network

    “Last week we were lucky enough to have Rosalyn as our guest speaker for our weekly online Network meeting. She took us all through a fabulous meditation which only lasted 10 or so minutes but left us all feeling centred and inspired to tackle the week ahead. I couldn’t believe the impact of just taking a few minutes to focus on breathing, stopping and feeding yourself positive motivating words and images. Everyone needs to experience this, especially right now. Thank you so much Ros.”

    Natalie, London, UK

    “I had a bespoke session with Rosalyn to rewire my money blueprint. She interviewed me to pinpoint moments in my life that defined my views around wealth or more precisely the thinking of money scarcity and struggle around it that I had adopted unknowingly. In the second part of the session she took me into hypnosis where she rewired my brain for abundance. Not just financial, but including fitness, faith, friends and all the elements we need to thrive in life. I listened to it for 40 days and it was miraculous as my income increased x 6.”

    Tim H. London UK

    “I didn’t really know what to expect from the hypnotherapy session and I probably didn’t expect to be able to say, “you changed my life”, but that’s literally what happened. It’s not just about the weight loss, which is impressive in itself, but my whole outlook on food, my body and life itself has changed for the better. I actually look forward to eating less and making healthier food choices and I even look forward to exercise and getting in shape! Most importantly the session and the recording really nailed the emotional reasons underlying the weight retention – after the therapy they just aren’t there anymore. It’s quite amazing. I can’t recommend you enough.”

    Ben E. Nottingham UK

    “Hi Rosalyn. Seemed like a great time to get back to you about the results. I’ve got to say it’s been rather incredible. I’ve literally had no need for the medication or help in any way. Absolutely incredible change. It almost seems impossible how much of a difference the session made. Straight away from getting back after holidays I had no need at all for the pills. For a while my girlfriend didn’t even believe I had stopped taking them! Thank you so much! Made such a massive change to my life. I feel like a new person!”

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