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RTT & Coaching by expert Rosalyn Palmer

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful award-winning therapy that is fast and effective. It allows me to quickly discover the root cause of what is really your pain or issue, even when you are probably highly self-aware and have invested in countless self-help books, programmes, or other therapies in order to be rid of what is holding your back.  Making you feel like a failure perhaps.

RTT combines uniquely the most effective, scientific, and proven components of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Psychology) and psychotherapy to create extraordinary results. It was developed by world-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer after a 30-year career in which she helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome their issues.   I was personally invited by Marisa to train on her Pioneer course seven years ago, becoming one of the first Rapid Transformational Therapists in the world and one of the first coaches and RTT mentors.

RTT is, as the name explains, an extremely fast and effective therapy that gets to the root cause of issues, to enable a subconscious level of understanding that can free you from old, self-defeating beliefs and patterns of thought and subsequently unwanted behaviour.

Based on clinical hypnotherapy and using deep brain rewiring techniques, it then can imprint powerful, new, messages into your subconscious to produce new ways of thinking and behaving. Leading to positive and permanent results in your life.

With proven high success rates in treating a wide range of physical, mental, and psychosomatic issues (such as depression, lack of confidence/ low self-esteem, weight issues and eating disorders, addictions, and self-sabotaging behaviours patterns), Rapid Transformational Therapy has also been at the core of incredible results for physical issues such as tinnitus, chronic pain, and insomnia plus in addressing fears and phobias.

What is RTT?

This is a rapid introduction to Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Who would benefit from RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy)? 

Anyone frankly. If you have a mental, physical or another anxiety-inducing issue that you cannot seem to shift, then RTT is for you.

RTT helps people to identify and lift blocks to achieve more.  It can lead to enhanced sports performance, better business motivation, and focus or the breaking of old patterns that create fears and phobias.

The key element is that you must be at a stage in your life where you are truly committed to finally changing for good. If this is so, then RTT is for you; especially if you have tried to change repeatedly but have been unsuccessful long-term in the past. Rapid Transformational Therapy is for you if you want to improve a specific area of your life or business and haven’t been able to get there yourself. RTT is for you is you want a life of freedom, joy, and fulfillment.

An experienced RTT Therapist is not there to ‘fix’ you. I can guide, support, and facilitate healing and identify and eliminate the root causes of your issues with you, not for you.

How does RTT work long-term?

After identifying that there will be a root cause of an issue, Rapid Transformational Therapy can address your beliefs and feelings at this deepest and powerful subconscious level. This is where what you learned or experienced before is kept.  It is those experiences that shape your world or more specifically how you feel and react to what now goes on in your world.

RTT works with the all-important subconscious mind.

Your subconscious is rather like a software programme that is running you.  It is there but may not be seen or even realised yet it is the navigational system of your life.  When you try to change direction in your life, using your conscious mind, it will only take you so far.  To create real, permanent, change and plot a new course you need more than willpower or a strong desire to do so.  You need to connect with your subconscious mind.

RTT accesses the subconscious mind using clinical hypnotherapy techniques.  Communicating directly with your subconscious mind (with your conscious buy-in and full support for this change process) positive suggestions can be tailored for your needs to give you specific, powerful new ideas and a new updated internal software in your mind.  Like planting new seeds in your mind these ideas are cultivated which you listen in a receptive state. With repeat listening (as repetition at this deep subconscious level can change your neural pathways – the Grooves in your Mind – that keep you stuck in old patterns of behaviour) you can create new, effective, and permanent ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in the positive way that you desire.  They become second nature. Making your ability to keep these positive changes easy.

Is RTT just for phobias and deep-seated trauma?

Well yes, many of my clients come seeking help to get rid of a phobia, to help with a physical issue such as sleep or to combat their anxiety or stress but increasingly I find that I can work with them to address more esoteric things like finding their life purpose or unlocking their creativity, finding their story.  Once you tap into that inner part of your mind and get the destructive chatter out of the way you can get that ‘Eureka’ moment!   It really is all about optimising the mind’s brainwaves to achieve your own personal brainwave… 

In terms of deep-seated trauma, if you are struggling to make positive changes, it will be because your subconscious mind has responded to an unpleasant event and created a coping mechanism or to continue the earlier analogy it has installed some faulty software.  This may turn up now as trauma or post-traumatic stress or just that awful ‘Itty Bitty Shitty Committee’ of negative voices in your head.  Even though you are an adult perhaps, there is an inner wounded child part of you that keeps this pattern on repeat. Why? Not to harm you or even to keep you stuck in a rut of painful feelings but because your subconscious mind will be playing out a pattern of keeping that vulnerable part of you away from harm and this may be at odds with your present desires and planned actions. 


So how does RTT tap in at this deep subconscious level?

Well first and foremost you get into a receptive state.  It allows you access to the subconscious where the programming and keys to change and freedom are stored. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system.

You don’t actually go to sleep.

You are fully aware but through a very relaxing process (like a deep level of meditation or relaxation) you go to a deeper, very relaxed level of yourself.

This is called trance and it a natural state that we go in and out of repeatedly every day. If you have been in a classroom and lost track of what the teacher is saying or as an adult been in a board meeting or training course and drifted away in your thoughts, then this is a trance. If you have been driving on the motorway and been so absorbed in your thoughts that you miss your turning, then this also is a trance. You are still there, still driving the car (or yourself for that matter) but also at the same time somewhat detached in your thinking. We all do it, so the hypnotic process just guides you into this place, safely and easily.  Hypnotic trance is a perfectly natural state of inward focus.  It is like when you are ‘in flow’ and this heightened focus means that your mind is more in control, not less, as it has narrowed down, and it is cutting out the mind chatter and distractions around.

What is the science behind RTT? Tell me more. 

The mind chatter and normal internal voice we are used to comes from our ‘busy’ Beta brain waves that regularly dominate our brain activity.  They are fast.  They come from the left, logical hemisphere of the brain and drive your conscious thinking.  They serve a good purpose as they let you think quickly like a great microprocessor which is great if you appear on a quiz show or are finding quick solutions to problems.  The problem is that like a turbo or sports switch on your gear box, if you drive at this capacity all the time it is exhausting and wears out the engine. That is, you.

We couldn’t go to sleep if our mind stayed on this level of functioning. So, it switches down a gear to another set of thinking brainwaves called Tetra.  They are slower. More determined and are associated with REM – Rapid Eye Movement and that early stage of sleep.  Einstein had cat naps and he would have gone into this state and not surprisingly it is brilliant for being innovative as when you are in Tetra brainwaves you feel relaxed, yet it is tempered with good intuition and problem-solving abilities.  This is where the Eureka moments are stored. 

So, this is exactly where RTT and hypnosis takes you.  By relaxing and being guided via an expert who understands the elements associated with guiding your tetra brainwaves you can tap into this, like a form of deliberate daydreaming, with a goal and outcome in mind to tap into your creativity and be solution focused.

What happens once I’m in trance?

In this relaxed state you are able to open the subconscious vault and revisit old scenes from your past which are all to do with why the beliefs that are driving your current unwanted behaviours are coming from. 

Reviewing these scenes with the safe guidance of your RTT therapist and looking through the adult eyes you have today you can see those scenes in a new and liberating way.  Knowledge is power and knowledge at this deep subconscious level is the most powerful of all.

How does RTT feel? 

As explained above, many times you don’t even know you are going into trance and how ‘deep’ you go differs from person to person and also from the same person day today. All you need to know is that it is safe as your subconscious will never allow you to do anything that will harm you or not be in your interest. That is our primeval wiring and that is why humanity has survived. Our subconscious mind kicks in at times of trouble (fight or flight response: very handy when we had to either fight or run away from a saber-toothed Tiger) and varies on the circumstances of the day. That is why, for example, people behave very differently if they are intoxicated. Some fall asleep. Some get grumpy. Some become argumentative and some dance on the table. But not everyone. And not every time.

This process is safe, in your interest and scientifically based. Also, how ‘deep’ you go is not an indication of how effective it will be. It is about how committed you are to making this change and the very fact that you have signed up to this powerful course proves you are in that place.

Please do not panic when you read the word ‘trance’ it is a state of mind which is completely natural and enjoyable.  In fact, we go into trance all the time – driving along a motorway, watching the TV, or cooking our favourite meal – no doubt you remember that feeling of ‘zoning out’.  It’s one of the easiest and pleasant things to contrive, so I promote it in my treatment room – and the brain absolutely loves it.  All you feel is complete and utter relaxation because your conscious mind allows itself to switch off – and when it does this your ‘busy’ Beta brainwave reduce and your ‘thinking’ Theta brainwaves take off. Giving your Theta brainwaves, and your right hemisphere of the brain, the chance to flourish can allow that great idea which has been locked at the back of your head the chance to come front and centre.  I reinforce this change in brain activity by incorporating a metaphor story into the trance – this is where it’s different to mindfulness or yoga.  This is the special bit so let’s unlock it a little more.

Can I get stuck in RTT hypnosis?

No. That’s a myth.

You will maintain full control the entire time and when you do let go and go into trance your subconscious will only let you go so far as it will always protect you.  In RTT hypnosis your mind is more in control, not less, as it has narrowed down and is cutting out the mind chatter and distractions around.

Am I going to need to keep coming back for lots of RTT sessions?

RTT is a solution-focused therapy designed to be rapid and permanent.  You can forget about having to come back and tap back into your pain repeatedly.  No one wants that.

You give your subconscious – that operating system – permission to let go and go beyond to the life you deserve in only a few sessions.  To identify the blocks and go beyond what is holding you back physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Why do you follow an RTT session with listening to a bespoke transformational recording?

During the RTT session we use powerful and positive language that fires your imaging and takes root.  These new rooted and positive ideas are like seeds that need nurturing. In this case in your mind.

Science has proven that with neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections and to make new connections) that we can change the neural pathways and rewire our brains.  Our brains love what is familiar so with repeated listening these new thoughts and feeling and the behaviours they elicit become familiar and overwrite the old liming beliefs.

The tone of the recording is important as is the language.

The intention of the therapist is also key. I care and I weave that care and support into every recording.

What happens if I fall asleep whilst listening?

Many people love listening to the recordings just before they go to bed and indeed, we have given subliminal instructions to allow you to drift into a deep and healing sleep that supports the change process. If you worry that you are not ‘taking it all in’ as you tend to fall asleep quickly while listening then do the following: firstly, prop yourself up on pillows in bed and do not be fully horizontal. I also recommend that, at least one time, my clients listen to the recording while fully awake and do not go into the trance process.  This enables them to simply listen and know consciously that the words and powerful suggestions have gone in.

Is RTT safe for everyone?

If you are receiving treatment for a psychologically related issue or are taking mood-altering drugs of any kind or are in any way unsure of this, then you must consult your physician and get their permission to undertake this course. Do not listen to the RTT recordings while driving or operating any machinery. You must go somewhere safe and quiet where you will not be disturbed during the session.

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, there is something stopping you from your joy, your health and finding balance.

It could be self-sabotage. It could be something beyond your understanding that makes you feel broken. Whatever it is, it is stopping you from either achieving business and financial success or, if you have attained it, from enjoying it and paying it forward to the rest of your life. Let’s face it. You probably set out to achieve success to enable you to be happy and life a life of balance and connection and freedom? Yet you are probably now caught up on a merry-go-round that doesn’t stop and wonder how to get off or what life would even feel like if you were able to do so.

Tony Robbins taught me a saying: “It’s not knowing what to do, but doing what you know”. That was 25 years ago and I now know that you also have to know how to have the freedom, the peace of mind and the drive to do what you know, even if you know what it is. Otherwise, life starts to feel empty and meaningless.

Do you want to be happy and to live a better life?
A life of balance and connection and freedom?

I know your pain. I have walked in your shoes.

Since the late 80s, I’ve been on a journey of personal growth. Of breakthroughs and sometimes a question of survival. At times it has been rewarding. At others, it’s been a question of life and death: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The only things I have truly found that create the mind and body harmony and life shifts I needed were hypnotherapy and certain types of coaching.

I trained in therapy because I knew it had worked for me when, like you, I was burnt out, depressed, exhausted and losing hope of ever feeling happy or healthy.

I am a change maker. I draw on my vast life experiences and learning about the mind across several decades. My qualifications are in Clinical hypnotherapy, Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy and NLP coaching. Whatever mix of these modalities is right for you, it will be:

Transformational – as it gets to the root cause of your issue (rather than deal with the symptoms). Once this deepest, undesired, level is identified, it can be released.

Therapeutic – as it draws on proven modalities that can guide you, even if you are resistant to ‘trance’ or letting go or need a more supportive form of healing.

Trusted – it is not a temporary fix or sticking plaster that holds until another life-challenge tips the balance again. This is possible as it identifies, negotiates with, and eliminates, the old undesired beliefs. Subsequently, through a transformational process, new and desired beliefs can be installed in your neural pathways (the ‘hardwiring’ part of the brain). Thus leading to new feelings and behaviours installed at the deepest level. The subconscious level.

If you would like to know more about my therapy sessions here are some helpful answers

You have an amazing way of hitting the nail on its head

“I’ve listened to the recording, which is really good. You have an amazing way of hitting the nail on its head – I don’t know how you do it. You are a sensitive and generous therapist. You are very perceptive and have a knack for understanding beyond words. I have greatly benefited from working with you and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

Camellia, Nottingham UK.

Single Reset Session.

I attended the first ever/Pioneer intake of therapists to be trained with Marisa Peer at her invitation and subsequently was a lead trainer for ten live courses, beta tester for the online course plus mentor to new students. So, I truly understand this methodology and added to my intuitive wisdom and life experiences I bring proven and top rated in this modality.

If booked at the outset, the investment for a package of three sessions is at a saving to purchasing sessions on a single basis.’

“I contacted Rosalyn by email, explained a little bit about what was troubling me and after a couple of emails I went to see her. She made me feel instantly as ease and I felt like I had known her for years.

I had one session, I felt different when I left, but couldn’t really explain why. I continued to feel a shift over the coming weeks. The telling moment for me was when I was sent through work to attend an incident 100 yards from the place I’d been to 35 years ago. Previously this would have knocked me for six, but I felt calm, in control and it had no effect on me whatsoever.

If you are struggling, or stuck or just unable to find peace I’d urge you to make contact with Rosalyn today.”

Nic, Newark, UK

Package of Three Reset Sessions.

If booked at the outset, the investment for a package of three sessions is at a saving to purchasing sessions on a single basis.

Next steps? Book a discovery call using the link below to find out more or email us for package pricing and options at hello@rosalynpalmer.com with ‘Next steps with Reset Therapy’ in the subject line. 

Questions? Please visit my FAQ section for common questions.

If you are unwaged/low-waged/a student/a minor/an OAP, we have generous concessionary rates of investment. Please email us at hello@rosalynpalmer.com with ‘Concessionary rates’ in the subject line and we will send you full details. 

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