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60+ Ways to boost your energy, productivity AND focus

Would you love more energy, focus and consequently greater productivity in your life? With only a few easy to implement changes you can achieve this and take back control, your power and your health.

Quieting your nervous system and finding practical ways to nurture yourself, cuts anxiety & health stress. It’s tonic for the spirit and the body and you will gain more productivity, focus and energy as a result.

So, if you experience stress, lack of focus, overwhelm, fatigue and find work or daily life hard to get through then this course is for you. It is packed with information and scientifically proven advice AND it is easy to navigate so that you can choose the right solution for your needs, any day and in any situation.

What you will learn:

  • Find out how energy and focus is experienced in our reality in three ways: §Cognitively §Physically §Sensory
  • Practical ways to become more productive
  • Exciting ways to increase your focus
  • How to unleash your inner superpowers
  • All in OVER 60 applicable ways that will lower stress and burnout, give you more energy, vibrancy, focus and consequently productivity and longevity

PLUS, you will also receive:

A powerful deep meditation to support your change at the outset that will put you in the right frame of mind to make sure that your investment in this course turns into an investment in you and your life.

  • A workbook to guide you through and record your learnings in this course
  • A BONUS Reset your life eBook
  • A BONUS Energy Booster eBook
  • A BONUS hypnotic recording to boost your immune system

Goalsetting Success Course

What stops you from having the life, business success and rewards you desire?

Together with leading High Growth Business Coach Stuart Ross, I have created a transformational therapy/coaching course, which goes much deeper than other traditional goal-setting tools.

Harnessing the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy, imagery, mindset and world-class coaching, you will engage your subconscious mind and clear away unwanted feelings, beliefs and behaviours to a new destiny by your own design.

This course is ideal for you if you want to reassess where you are going after recent upheaval. Find out more and purchase your course by clicking the button below:

I'm so over overwhelm
Download my free hypnotherapy recording, ‘I’m So Over Overwhelm’.

This transformational recording will help you to reset your life and tackle feelings of overwhelm. This is in itself can be such a huge shift. You may listen to the recording at any time (as long as you are not driving or operating heavy machinery) whenever you need to-refocus and let go of the anxiety and stress that comes from overwhelm. Simply enter your details below to access your copy of the recording.

Reset!: A blueprint for a better life by Rosalyn Palmer (Front cover)

Free Book Chapter

Download a free sample chapter from my award-winning, best-selling book, ‘Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life’.

I’ve faced all sorts of adversities throughout my life, and as a result, have reset my own life and mindset many times over. My book is a culmination of everything I’ve learnt throughout my own journey, full of tools and exercises you can implement right away. Sign up below to view your free sample chapter – ‘Chapter 7 – Create a Compassion Compass and Guide Your Own Spiritual Life’.

You can purchase your own copy of the book through my online bookshop.

Reset!: A blueprint for a better life by Rosalyn Palmer (Front cover)

Free Reset Your Life, Reset Your Mindset eBook

A selection of published advice on creating a life of balance, empowerment and joy. These are tried and tested ideas to help you reset your life and your mind. The book includes ‘RESET STEPS’ to help you integrate your learning and put the advice into action.

Sign up below to download your free copy of the ebook.


The Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards for natural products and wellbeing services. I was a winner in the Personal Development Coaching category for my Trust Transformation package.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and to Janey Lee Grace and her fellow judges. You can find the full list of award winners  here.