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I saw this post some time ago and as many of my clients are reporting that life seems heavy going at present I want to share.

Let’s Acknowledge

The best part of being human is being able to connect with other humans.

Business Leader

Leadership burnout is the topic of the latest Business Leader podcast and why businesses should be concerned about key members on the gruelling journey of building a venture.

Life can be unpredictable and filled with challenges.

Developing resilience is key to bouncing back from adversity. Here are some techniques to help you cultivate resilience:

In face of adversity we can have a choice.

We can be bitter or we can be better.

Very thought provoking post ????

The evolution of the employee in today’s rapidly changing world, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence, calls for a shift in mindset, adaptability, and an emphasis on adding relevant value to companies.

Navigating Fear and Uncertainty in Today’s World

Just over four years since lockdown, fear and uncertainty have become pervasive elements of our daily lives, evident in many of my therapy clients. Add to this the rumours and conflicting stories in the media, particularly regarding figures like Catherine, Princess of Wales, and it’s no wonder that anxiety levels are on the rise.


Dear Brave one,

I hope this letter finds its way to your heart. ❤️

I know that thinking about therapy might feel a bit scary right now, and that’s okay.

“Quiet quitting”

“Quiet quitting” refers to a situation where employees disengage from their jobs and the organization without openly expressing their dissatisfaction or resigning.

Have I have introduced myself properly?

Business info…

I am an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), NLP Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Transformational Tools


The worst chat up line I ever received was when I was in my mid-20s in a bar. A chap leant over and said in a broad accent: “Fancy a drink? By the way I smelt ya before I saw ya!”. I was wearing...



I really love the musician Tom Walker. He has a song called ‘How can you sleep at night?.’ In it he says: ‘tell me do you think I deserve this?’. Clearly he has been rejected and he is...


The Gift of Pain

Recently, while loading the car before a long drive, I leant across the back seat to grab something and my back spasmed into pain. I then endured an agonising three-hour drive and several days of...

I'm so over overwhelm

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