Energy Boosting Mantras

Benjamin Franklin would wake up everyday and ask the question: “What good shall I do today?” Are there areas of your life you'd love to improve? If...

What brings you joy?

I was away a few weeks ago in Bakewell, Derbyshire.   Two days working. Scoping out a new spiritually led course which I'll tell you all...


Transformational Tools


The worst chat up line I ever received was when I was in my mid-20s in a bar. A chap leant over and said in a broad accent: “Fancy a drink? By the way I smelt ya before I saw ya!”. I was wearing...



I really love the musician Tom Walker. He has a song called ‘How can you sleep at night?.’ In it he says: ‘tell me do you think I deserve this?’. Clearly he has been rejected and he is...


The Gift of Pain

Recently, while loading the car before a long drive, I leant across the back seat to grab something and my back spasmed into pain. I then endured an agonising three-hour drive and several days of...

I'm so over overwhelm

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