Energy Boosting Mantras

Benjamin Franklin would wake up everyday and ask the question: “What good shall I do today?” Are there areas of your life you'd love to improve? If...

What brings you joy?

I was away a few weeks ago in Bakewell, Derbyshire.   Two days working. Scoping out a new spiritually led course which I'll tell you all...

This is Gino

This is Gino. Well didn't January feel like it went on forever?! Back at the start of January, all the media was awash with the usual New Year’s...


Transformational Tools


The worst chat up line I ever received was when I was in my mid-20s in a bar. A chap leant over and said in a broad accent: “Fancy a drink? By the way I smelt ya before I saw ya!”. I was wearing...



I really love the musician Tom Walker. He has a song called ‘How can you sleep at night?.’ In it he says: ‘tell me do you think I deserve this?’. Clearly he has been rejected and he is...


The Gift of Pain

Recently, while loading the car before a long drive, I leant across the back seat to grab something and my back spasmed into pain. I then endured an agonising three-hour drive and several days of...

I'm so over overwhelm

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