Remember rituals to keep a sense of normality

While people of all ages have been struggling this year, recent research suggests that young people are more stressed and anxious than other age groups.

How To Break Old Habits Before They Break You

Over 40 per cent of our daily actions are habitual. Think of them as repeat responses (that have worked for us in some way in the past) that are automatically fired by our brains as a shortcut to success. Sadly, your subconscious mind isn’t very subtle. Each day you are alive it regards its job as done. That’s because we are wired via the primitive part of our brain, to simply survive to ensure that our species continues.

The deeper why behind decluttering your life

Having more time at home, I have finally turned my attention to decluttering and also to sorting out my filing. Although I’m relatively tidy, I also know that the garage and ‘those cupboards’ are getting rather clogged up with things I really have no more use for.  

Transformational Tools

The Gift of Pain

Recently, while loading the car before a long drive, I leant across the back seat to grab something and my back spasmed into pain. I then endured an agonising three-hour drive and several days of...

I'm so over overwhelm

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