I really love the musician Tom Walker. He has a song called ‘How can you sleep at night?.’ In it he says: ‘tell me do you think I deserve this?’. Clearly he has been rejected and he is questioning the culprit about their ability to sleep soundly on the decision.

As someone who didn’t sleep well for over a decade I know what interrupted sleep feels like. I managed to conquer the inability to go to sleep only to find that I couldn’t stay asleep.

I would wake regularly at about 3am with my mind whirring with thoughts, worries and a never ending ‘to-do’ list.

One particularly frustrating night, after having done a sleep meditation, stripped the Worry Tree bare and scribbled my thoughts down I was still laying awake so I decided to negotiate with my subconscious mind. ‘Look’ I said. ‘You have seen some of my scribbles from the 3am club and they usually make no sense the next day do they?

Also, what seems insurmountable at 3am often takes 10 minutes to action during the day so let’s leave it until then. In fact let’s do a trade. Whatever is worrying me at 3am will be top of my To Do list at 3pm!’. Bingo. It worked. My brain had a nice trade off between letting me sleep. I have used this method ever since and it works for me.

Why not try it?

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