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  • This is an informal opportunity for us to get to know each other a little. You’ll be able to ask me any questions you have about coaching, therapy or my packages and how they work and sound me out to enable you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you.
  • It’s also an opportunity for you to tell me more about what you’d like my help with. I’ve helped people from all walks of life with many differing issues. As appropriate, I can share examples of how I’ve helped others through similar issues and let you know how my therapeutic or coaching services will best serve you.
  • Discovery calls last for around 20 minutes and take place online via Zoom so that we can see each other face to face. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a phone call, and are based in the UK, we can hold your discovery call via the telephone.
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Less than a handful of people in the world can offer this service to you and my proven business and life background means I add empathy and wisdom to the process.

If, from what you have learned about me, you know that we are a good fit and want to skip the Discovery Call to instead go straight to booking a RTT Session/3 x RTT Sessions/Coaching Session or The Trust Transformation package, please email with the words ‘Book me a session’ in the title. We will then send you all appropriate pre-session paperwork and a link to my online diary to get you booked in as soon as possible.

All session bookings are online via Zoom. Full instructions for joining will be sent once confirmed. If you are a previous RTT client, you can book a coaching session or upgrade package via our support team on email.

For all queries regarding other courses please email


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    I am optimistic and excited about my future

    “I was clearly nervous and tense when I met Rosalyn for the first time, but she quickly put me at ease with her empathy and knowledge, and skilfully guided me through the RTT process. After the session with Rosalyn, the change in me was almost instant, and quite unbelievable at first.

    I am now much more confident, relaxed, my mind is peaceful most of the time. I am optimistic and excited about my future, and now have a very strong belief that I can realise many of the goals that I have dreamt about for a long time – I just needed to believe in the skills and experience I already had.

    It would be impossible to express how grateful I am for what Rosalyn has done for me, this has literally changed my life in a way that was unimaginable to me before.

    Thank you so much Rosalyn. You have enabled my belief in myself. “

    Andy, Derby, UK

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    “Ros, I love reading these. You’re an amazing writer, chatty and comfy. Thank you!”
    Victoria Carter