Get out of your own head!


There are many ways to quiet the overactive mind, including the following:

  1. Change ‘What if?’ to ‘What is?’. Instead of ‘What if…happens?’ ask yourself ‘What is really happening right now? What steps can I take to deal with this today’?.
  2. Put the hamster to bed. One of my brilliant podcast guests, Robin Farmanfarmaian shared that when she has a hamster on a wheel in her head, she visualises a safe nesting box full of shredded paper. She pops it in the box, lowers the lights and lets it go to sleep.

? Happy hamster. ?Happy free mind.

What top tips do you have for getting out of your own head, or putting your hamster to rest? Do share.

One of my clients said recently that: “Rosalyn Palmer is someone who looks at the whiteboard that is your mind – a jumble of words and items – and uses the eraser to get rid of all but the essential ones and then order what is left!”.

I love this. If I can help rearrange the jumbled whiteboard of your mind do let me know in a no obligation chat via this link Contact Rosalyn Palmer – Rosalyn Palmer Transformation Expert

P.P.S If you missed the Monkey Business Podcast episode with Robin Farmanfarmaian then listen here: Become CEO of your own profile to stop being sidelined