I was away a few weeks ago in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  

Two days working. Scoping out a new spiritually led course which I’ll tell you all about in due course.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been perculating this idea for over two years and with the right co-creator I know that we are on to something rather brilliant. 

Then three days with friends.  It was log burners, muddy boots and fun all the way.

I posted this on social media.

As I sit in the empty house, having just waved off the last of my friends from our trip to #derbyshire I feel mixed emotions. 
Sad that the fun has ended
Yearning for the connection of true friends again
Happy to be blessed with such opportunities in life
Grounded in the moment knowing I take myself with me wherever I go 
And that my heart and cup is full 
Last adventure yesterday… 

I find that I live naturally and effortlessly by the guidance of my 5Fs philosophy now.  

It is also a fantastic review tool for assessing just how blessed you are, as demonstrated by my social media post above. 

So let me share it again with you. 

The 5Fs Formula

The wonderful way to check daily if you are living a whole and balanced life is to think about the fingers of one hand. You have five fingers so you need always 5F’s. These comprise – Faith, Fitness, Family & Friends, Finance and Fun. 

It is like an amazing compassionate To Do list when you stretch out your hand each morning and check in against each category. Ask yourself: 

❔What will I do today to build my faith in myself? 

❔What actions will I take to be fit in body and mind, even for 10 minutes? 

❔How can I connect with my family today? 

❔Which friend shall I reach out to and make time for? 

❔What steps shall I take to allow the flow of energy that is money and reward to flow to me? 

❔Am I having fun? What will I do to enjoy my day today?

Each week you can uplevel. 

On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being the absolute best place to be) rank each category in your life right now. Perhaps it is a 6/10? 

Once you have this score, ask yourself: ‘What would 10/10 feel like?’. Perhaps this would be something like ‘If I were totally fit then I’d feel better about my body so would be sexier and love life better’. This is getting to your ‘Why’ so now ask yourself: ‘Why is it important for me to have better, un-compromised health?’. The answers here could be to do with what you want (such as feeling sexy) and what you don’t want, such as having to take time off work as you keep picking up colds.  Also, ask yourself WHO do I want to do this for?  Is it you? Is it for your children or a loved one? You know. 

Repeating this exercise across all five categories will then give you a 5F’s list that is true to you and that moves you to take action. 

Keep it handy and remind yourself of it daily. You deserve it!

Download my 5Fs worksheet, complete and use it as your blueprint for joy.

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