This is Gino


This is Gino.

Well didn’t January feel like it went on forever?!

Back at the start of January, all the media was awash with the usual New Year’s resolutions stuff.

I asked Gino what his New Year Resolutions were.

I got this contemptuous stare.

Quite right Gino. Quite right.

Did you know that 80% of resolutions fail within the first 3-6 weeks of the New Year?

Recently I was interviewed about the difference between resolutions and goals. I’m sure you’ll agree that goals are important.

The problem with “resolutions” is they are usually too big, too vague and carry too many expectations.

Having had and achieved tangible goals of my own since my time in the 90s working with Tony Robbins, I can walk my talk on this one. I incorporate them into much of my client work.

Goal setting is a skill.
The skill of goal setting is a hundred percent learnable.

People and organisations with clear visions, values, and plans accomplish far more and do it faster than their competitors.

Before today, all of your best intentions and best efforts in setting and achieving goals may have failed.

Repeatedly. Year after year after year.

Leaving you frustrated with the process. Possibly feeling like a failure and that is your fault.

The truth is, up until now, your best efforts have been undermined by, well, your mind.

Three years ago, with high growth expert coach Stuart Ross, whose tried and tested High Growth Coaching strategies have made millions for some of the most entrepreneurial individuals and companies in the world, I created a goal setting course based on science, psychology and tried and tested techniques.

People, it is less than £30.00!!

What stops you from having the life, business success and rewards you desire?

Well, now it is about the price of a decent bottle of wine or about three posh coffees.

Your first step is simply to decide, commit, set a goal. And buy this course while it is still on offer for the next two days.

As Stephen Covey says: ‘Begin with the end in mind’

Or as Gino says: Be more cat!

Happy New You!

Here is the link to my goal setting course