Energy Boosting Mantras

Benjamin Franklin would wake up everyday and ask the question: “What good shall I do today?”

Are there areas of your life you’d love to improve?

If your answer is yes, then you will want to train your brain with new beliefs and a great tool in that toolkit is the use of mantras. Positive ones.

Mantras can be highly beneficial for your health

The primary effect of chanting mantras is on our nervous system

Studies show that chants like mantras can help oxygenate the brain, lower your heart rate, and your blood pressure.

The resonant sound of a mantra is scientifically proven to help calm brainwave activity and can lead to a calmer parasympathetic system and a better night’s sleep.

I’m a big fan.
My clients, once they put their scepticism aside and see the benefits, are fans too. This isn’t just ‘positive thinking’ but something deeper.

Why not start today with my quick fix of six powerful energy boosting mantras?

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