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Leadership burnout is the topic of the latest Business Leader podcast and why businesses should be concerned about key members on the gruelling journey of building a venture.

This issue is more relevant than ever after Jurgen Klopp announced he was standing down as manager of Liverpool last week and said he was “running out of energy”.

Often overlooked as a challenge for businesses that are trying to scale-up the issue of burnout is pivotal.

The podcast asks how do you ensure that you get the best out of your key staff over a long period of time, not just the short-term, and that they stay with the business? Are some businesses failing to scale-up because the founder, chief executive or other key figures simply run out of energy?

Guest Suranga Chandratillake stepped down as chief executive of the technology company he founded due to similar concerns. He is now focused on supporting the bosses of the businesses he invests in at Balderton Capital, the venture capital firm where he is general partner.

Chandratillake says this about the challenges of being a business leader:

“Being a CEO is a unique job. It’s a funny position where you’re sitting in the middle of lots of different people all asking different things of you. It puts a lot of pressure on you. The most obvious way of dealing with that pressure is to work yourself into the ground. But actually that doesn’t work because unfortunately running a company is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s something which takes 10 years, not one year. Sufficiently motivated people can work themselves into the ground for about a year or two, but you can’t cram forever. At some point that breaks.”

It’s well worth a listen and you can also find out what you as a business leader can do about this challenge.

You can listen to all of the episode via Substack here, Apple here or Spotify. Link in comments.

And burnout prevention steps include someone to guide you through so reach out about book a discovery call click here if you want to speak.

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