Ever wondered what the magic number for success could be?


This week, the number 80 keeps drawing my attention a lot.

Reports shed light:
80% of success is mindset driven.
80% of Etsy sellers are women.
80% of wholesaling establishments are conducted by the merchant wholesalers.
80% of the Ocean’s water is found in the Pacific Ocean.
80% of communication occurs non-verbally.

In life, I embrace the 80/20 rule.

80% excellent diet, 20% indulgent treats that I don’t beat myself up about.

In business, I target completion over perfection.

Whether it’s diet or productivity, balance is key.

If mindset equals 80% of success, how will you adjust yours today?

What thoughts would serve you better? For example, a thought such as ‘perfection is the lowest quality of all as I can never reach it’ will take the pressure off of you when needed.

What questions would untap your best thinking and actions? For example, a self-reflective question such as: ‘What small step or action can I take right now to set off in the direction of completing this task, or making better choices?’

Your 80% is waiting for you!

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