Have I have introduced myself properly?


Business info…

I am an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), NLP Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.
I trained seven years ago at the invitation of RTT founder Marisa Peer and was a trainer and mentor for over 10 courses..

Created own group courses: The Realigned Leader & The Aligned Life

Author of award-winning book: Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life; contributor to 3 No.1 bestsellers: Ignite Your Life for Women; Ignite Your Female Leadership and Ignite for Female Changemakers.

I am a mentor for the UK Govt’s Help To Grow scheme

Former fab career in PR and Marketing

Cut my teeth at the leading London agencies of the day including Lynne Franks (Ab Fab) PR, BMP & Marketing Solutions

Founded and sold my own award-winning PR company RPPR in the 90s

‘Retired’ age 40 to the Bahamas

Reinvented myself back in the UK as Head of Insight & Innovation for Go MAD Thinking (t & d company) and Head of Marketing & Communications at International Charity The Leprosy Mission: helping some of the world’s most excluded people.

Non-Exec for two more UK charities helping ex-offenders

Many transitions

In other news….

I’ve been divorced twice

Had breast cancer

I love animals and now have over 37 as I live with my lovely partner on a smallholding in Lincolnshire with dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys and sheep. All pets.

My wonderful son is a chef

Relationship building was taught to me growing up as a grocer’s daughter. People buy from people.
English Literature graduate who now loves dystopian literature and TV

Movie buff, having opened a film festival and also attended three screenwriting courses. Dream of winning an Oscar for original screenplay

I need a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night. Having survived a severe childhood illness, cancer, & dengue fever I put my health and wellbeing 1st in both body and mind. Epigenetics rocks ????????

I love 70% dark chocolate, good coffee and Earl Grey tea (with oat milk)

I’ve been teetotal for over 18 months and love it

????My core 5Fs philosophy – that for a balanced and happy life you need all of Faith + Fitness + Friends/Family + Finance + Fun – was developed in the 90s while handling the PR for Tony Robbins

I’m a sensible maverick.
Total balance of left and right brain. Ying and Yang energy.

This makes me (my clients tell me) an innovative, intuitive and intelligent coach and therapist.

My go to client is a high achiever /self-starter who wants to align their outer success to inner happiness, balance and health.

Do share something about you. ????

Want to know how my life experiences can help you? Or just need a sounding board?

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