Rejection, Acceptance and the Sacral


From stop-go, ‘Yes!’ ‘No!’ to gentle, joyful, discreet and wise discernment.

Rejection started popping out at me from Social Media and, as if on cue, I experienced it once more. It’s horrible, because it smacks at our precious connection with other people, our humanness. Whether it’s a lack of recognition, being left out, not getting that job you ‘had in the bag’ or unrequited love, the effects are many and varied. We might laugh them off, roll our eyes, intellectualise, suck it up, get angry or plot to get even. No matter the form or effect, rejection is real, it hurts and if not put to bed, can feed insecurity, fuelling fear.

It’s antidote is acceptance.

Acceptance is marked by those times of togetherness, like a universal green light. Total acceptance of all we are, lighting, enlightening and contenting us to our core. Our life affirmed, values, qualities momentarily united. Acceptance is a source of renewal, strength and power, enlivening all we are and all we are to be.

Yes, it’s true in life we are rejected and reject, accepted and accept. Experience ensures we become adept at living with all that serves us best. Life is also dynamic, a flux of constant change and progression. As I’m deeply touched by all forms of rejection and acceptance, I need time out to gently move things along and the Sacral is my go to place.

How satisfied are you with your job?

“The Sacral has many facets, one of which is emotionality – the centre of fluidity, essential to healing, growth and progression.”

As our emotional centre the Sacral is the home of nurture, self-nurture and relationships; for me, the perfect place from which to take stock, heal and emerge afresh.

Take a moment out to be with this warm, wholesome, sensual centre, in particular, its fluidity. Allow its presence to spread wherever its path is easiest, allowing gravity to play its part. Open your senses, allowing the sensation to wander, picking up vitality at the base. Let this more sparkly warmth spread out and throughout, sinking further down through your legs to the earth beyond. Be with. Allow your body to relax, supported by everything natural, drawing in your breath, deep and sound, spreading your aliveness throughout. Picking up senses of joy, power and worth at the Solar Plexus, allowing a soft smile to form. Breathe your gorgeousness around your heart, your love, softening, brightening and lightening, bringing movement into the mix. Stretching, maybe yawning, I always yawn when things are on the move! Hugging and stroking when moved to do so. This is your body and you were made for each other.

When you’re ready, allow your chest and neck to open, shedding your shoulders to fall down your back, opening yourself wider to stand taller, stronger. Now, opening your senses to the universe, let your head rise to sit gracefully atop its neck, your brain melting into the whole. Breathing yourself in, around and throughout, enjoying and loving yourself, moving all around, shake it up, sound it out. This is you alive and living, charged and raring to go inside, out and throughout. This is you being all you need to be – knowing all you need to know.

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