‘We’re all teachable souls’


We are all teachable souls - Rosalyn Palmer
I love the idea that we are all teachable souls. Recently I discovered a podcast by this very name that is based on the premise that we can’t possibly learn all the lessons we truly need to learn in one lifetime so people who have been through challenge and adversity can share their stories and the positive lessons that enlightened them along the way.  

In our present “Corona Times” we are all facing challenges like never before. Real tough challenges due to our jobs, security, communities and health. Daily soul-eroding challenges with kids and partners at home now that the novelty has worn off. We become raw and triggered. The halcyon ‘together-time’ and novelty of making sour bread has given to overload, anger and tears. It is a rollercoaster. I’m on it too but I now have many more ways to get off. To reset the bumpy ride.  

I feel fortunate to have had to deal with a lot of adversity over the last few decades that have made me broken yet strong, lose my ego and identity yet find my true self and soul. It’s not unique to face adversity but this particular payload has been my journey and in this episode of The Teachable Soul I share that journey and my learnings (underpinned by my therapeutic and coaching expertise) to guide other souls on their way. 

It is tough for every one of us in our own ways at present. It is good to get all the help we can. I can assure you that if you take time to listen to this you will be encouraged and helped along the way. After all, I come from the brain, heart and soul now with my advice. 

The show’s host has pulled out some, what she refers to as, ‘Quotables’ from me in the interview: 

 You learn what you live and you live what you learn.

I went for an interview to be the PR person, I didn’t even know what it meant. 

Tinnitus literally means not listening to that inner wisdom that had gotten me through everything up to that point.

But I had to love myself first.

Make a better world, not just a better you, but a better world.

You’ve got five fingers so you’ve got five F’s: to have a balanced amazing life you need faith, friends, family, finance, and fitness.

Who made the money in the American gold rush? The people who sold the shovels. 

You can listen to the podcast below: 

The Teachable Soul Podcast