Your umbrella can help you to have a better memory. Most people think that they don’t have a good memory. So for starters, say to yourself, if you are momentarily struggling to recall something, ‘It will come back to me in a minute’ and guess what, it will.

Don’t say, ‘Gawd I have a memory like a sieve, I can never remember things’ as that is the command to your brain. Like a genie in a lamp your wish will be its command.

Which brings me to umbrellas.

The next time you remember something and go back for it don’t say to yourself or out loud: “Aaagh, I forgot my umbrella” (or keys etc). Instead say:
“Lucky I have such a good memory. I just remembered to come back for my umbrella (etc)”.

This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and even more so for your children. Instead of censuring them when they scream back into the house a few minutes after leaving it as they realise that they don’t have their PE kit/homework/mobile/charger etc. you will not say, ‘Oh, what did you forget?’ (with eye roll) but instead say, ‘Hey, what did you remember?’ with a smile and encouraging tone.

Umbrella hugs all round.