Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful festive break and wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

As this is my first blog post of the New Year, I wanted to share some helpful resources to help inspire you for the days and months ahead.

Firstly, here’s not one, not two, but 366 motivational quotes for the entire year.

Bookmark this page and keep it somewhere safe so you can come back – and why not write down your favourite quotes as the year goes on.

Here’s today’s quote for you for starters:

“It’s like soul music, isn’t it all soul music? Otherwise what is it, non-soul music? I-have-no-soul music? Soulless music? People need to put a name on something to identify it, and I understand it.”
– Mark Lanegan

Lastly, just before Christmas I had the opportunity to speak with Aaron Gendle on his fabulous ‘Daily Author’s Podcast’. We had a great conversation about overcoming negative patterns and reprogramming yourself to operate at a higher level.

You can listen to the conversation here.

I hope it gives you plenty of spark and inspiration for the year ahead.at, best at and find the easiest to do. Then create opportunities to do this more and spend less time and effort on things that waste your time and energy.

For each of us, the list will be different. Often you need the detached perspective and guidance of a coach to help you and I declare my self-interest here as this is something I LOVE to do with clients, so do reach out if I can help.