Creating your own boundaries


My ways of working have changed considerably in the last few years and as I neared the end of last year, I realised that I was longing for some sunshine and walks on the beach.  

As I give advice about having a life of balance via the 5Fs (or 6, if you include fun) I decided that the time I had set aside in January to write and plan out my online course could be spent anywhere. That to combine it with seeing friends, having more time to be still (including a social media detox), the fitness that being in a warmer climate allows and some fun thrown in for good measure would be beneficial. So I decided that I would spend time working and resting in Miami (and a bargain flight discovery clinched the deal).  

We are increasingly world nomads and I know so many people who can work just about anywhere thanks to the internet. They now create a life that works for their needs and desires rather than old rigid expectations of how things should be. 

It is about creating your own life blueprint and on this theme, I was asked recently to be the expert advisor for Kossie, (an online lifestyle magazine designed to support aspirational women), and the topic was how to deal with a perfectionist manager. You can read the article here

Many of us find that working for a perfectionist is so draining that we want to walk away from it, perhaps to branch out on our own and become self-employed. However, you can find workable solutions should you have such a manager (or find yourself in close personal proximity to a perfectionist).

My main advice is to set your own boundaries when others can’t set them for you or when they set ones that don’t work for you. 

This is what I have done for myself for the rest of January.

I will of course share more advice next week. 

Until then, please create as much joy in your life as possible by setting boundaries that work first and foremost for you.