Is your business slow to change?

It is vital that everyone in your team or organization feels they have a voice and can invest in and contribute to your vision and values. As an empathetic and open leader, it is important to ask for feedback and also to make changes based on what you receive.

The focus is on individual ideas, so ask each team member (if you are a leadership team of one or a solopreneur then ask yourself):

• What would you say our values are?

• What three words would you use to describe us/our company culture?

• What three words would customers use to describe us?

• What three words would competitors use to describe us?

• If this organization were an animal, what animal would it be?

• If this organization were a colour, what colour would it be?

The answers are often amusing yet revealing. For example, people who might hesitate to admit that they are frustrated with the company being slow to change, may be open to describing it as a tortoise.

Finally, also ask:

• On the basis of what you have written, sum up the company in one paragraph.

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