Constant And Never Ending Improvement.


CANI – I discovered this concept when handling the PR for Tony Robbins and attending his Date With Destiny Course in the mid 90s. It stands for Constant And Never Ending Improvement. It’s about taking small but consistent steps everyday to change your life.

Some days my CANI amounts to little more than the old mantra of ‘Success is largely a case of hanging on when others have let go’. On better days (the majority happily) it is about being flexible and brave enough to refine and uplevel what I do, what I think and how I behave.

At the weekend, I attended a four hour workshop on Your Unique Thought Leadership Message that really drilled down into finding your USP and unique messaging. (Thanks Daria Vodopianova for your knowledge and passion that is tempered with fun and balance??).

My intention was to do this to come up with my topic for a killer TEDX talk.

I did and so much more.

It was a challenge on a Saturday afternoon to have to question if what you say about yourself & what you offer clients (and others) is really a reflection of your true values and self today.

Things have to be let go of to create the space to embrace the new.

Watch this space for my uplevelling to thought leadership soon.