Everyone experiences change and transition.


In your career.
In your personal life.

I’ve had many.
From fluctuations in my career (I was made redundant x3 times and I built a £1m+ company from scratch and sold it) to out-and-out career changes.
To ‘retiring’ at 41 only to have to enter the workforce again five years later.
Two divorces.
Country moves. House moves.
Body changes including cancer and hormonal issues.

Laid bare below for you.

As the title of my award-winning book attests, I’ve had to hit the RESET button many times. Yet I see it all as growth.

Transitions to the person I am today, happy in my own skin and living a life of balance.

I’m not sure that the adage of doing what you love means that you never have to work a day in your life is entirely true. I love what I do and some days it feels bloody hard work.

But I know how to get the balance right quickly again. To appreciate the wins.

Recently, I was walking with a friend who is about to retire from a senior position in the forces. My partner did the same some years ago. This is a massive transition and I see many clients for whom retirement is a massive disappointment. They crave the old identity and connections they had before.

So, with my friend I shared my secret.
The hard earned one gained from all the ups and downs of the transitions in my life.

That everything you need is already within.
And to use a cliché: the routes up the mountain are many but the view from the top is the same.

Knowing that in the changing world of work, the uncertain world, and the unrest of our times, the only constant is change is key.

Also, my understanding that as humans we like variety but also seek security so can be overwhelmed by change, gives me a steer for how to guide others to adjust.

The only person who can create resilience in times of transition is you.

The only one who has control over your thought process is you too.

That’s why a situation that would floor many may be a breeze to you.
It is also why a super successful leader can suddenly find themselves afraid of Monday and get blindsided by that fear.

So, if you’d like to manage stress in times of transition or have the grounding to embrace the change you fear then let’s speak. Just drop an email hello@rosalynpalmer.com

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