Do you need some words of comfort today?

Do you need some words of comfort today?

Have you heard of phonagnosia?
It is an inability to recognise voices.  

Dr Brad Duchaine, an expert on phonagnosia says: 

“Voice recognition may not seem as important as face recognition, given that failing to recognise someone in front of you can cause much more social anxiety than not recognising them over the phone. Yet we rely on voice recognition in our day-to-day lives, to identify people on the phone or those speaking on the radio.”

The old voice memo recorder is now my only link to the voice of Joyce, my Mum, who died 16 years ago.

When I was living in London, living the high life in PR for 20 years and then for five years living overseas in the Bahamas, we would try to speak every single day (hurricanes and terrible phone lines and internet allowing). 

One day, I got to the phone just as the ansaphone kicked in and accidentally recorded our entire conversation. Nearly an hour of mother/daughter chit chat. 

I bought that tape back with me upon my return to live in the UK and found that it fit an old voice memo recorder that I’d used back in the early 90s as part of my must-have PR and media kit!  

About 6 years ago when I was going through a rather dark time I awoke one night to hear my Mum’s voice in my bedroom. 

It was surreal! 

For some reason the recorder had switched itself on and there she was, chatting away.

Now whatever your opinion of otherworldliness is, I felt it was a very reassuring sign. 

That she was still watching over me. Like the robin I see in the garden most days. 

That tape is really old now and doesn’t always play well but somehow it is a link to the love my Mum and I had for each other.

It is more than a throwback.
On Thursday or anyway.
It is a link to my Mum. 
A voice of reassurance. 

What throwback item links you to someone or something you love? 

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