More Knowledge Won’t Make You Successful…


I often share great articles on social media. Here is a post I shared yesterday with a great article attached. Enjoy #Wednesdaywisdom.

More knowledge won’t make you successful (you can read the original article here).

This is SO true. I got caught up, a few years ago, in a loop of thinking that I needed to know more and more in order to be a successful therapist and coach. I still read informative stuff everyday. I love to attend seminars and courses, but I have stopped treating them like ‘bright shiny things’ (AKA an escape from everyday life). Now I scope out time to assimilate and process the new learning from each and every course I attend and book I read.

I have to walk my talk. So often with my clients we push through their limiting self-beliefs and fear-based procrastination by developing a ‘Stop doing’ list and this invariably includes stopping running after more knowledge in the belief that if only they knew more or had another certificate on their wall then their business and life would be a success.

I started my Award- Winning PR agency at 29. Of course I can now look back and see what I didn’t know then but I learned and grew every day and as it was like Nike says ‘Just Do It! Or like the lovely movie Field of Dreams. Just build it (and they will come, and if they don’t then alter it. Repeatedly). X