In face of adversity we can have a choice.


We can be bitter or we can be better.

“No but, the situation was so tense that I reacted that way!”

Sometimes, in the workplace, things can get a little mixed up and confusing. And you may get triggered.

It’s like when you’re trying to put together a puzzle, but some pieces just don’t fit right.

Now, here’s the special part: the leaders, the people who guide the team, have a choice.

They can be ‘bitter’- focus only on getting the work done instead of caring about the employees and their welfare.

Or, they can choose to be ‘better.’ This means they try to make things good even when it’s hard.

Leaders can learn from what’s happening and use it to make the team stronger.

Here’s how leaders can be ‘better’:

Talk and Listen: We can talk to the team and really listen. Listening helps everyone understand each other.

Help Everyone Feel Strong: We can show everyone how awesome they are and help them do their best. Everyone brings something special.

Be Honest and Kind: We can be honest about how they tell us they feel, even if it’s a bit hard. We also need to be kind and gentle with our words. It’s like when you tell your friend the truth, but in a kind way. Kindness wins.

So, leaders have a superpower – they can choose to be ‘better’ and make everything awesome!

Choose to be better in bitter times!

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