Trust Transformation

6 Week Package

Be liberated from the pains of the past

Trust Transformation 6 Week Package

I offer coaching through my award-winning Trust Transformation Package, a four-month journey which combines the power of transformational therapy and life / business coaching.

The process starts with an RTT session to remove any old blocks that may be standing in your way. The coaching is bespoke and I can add organic marketing strategies or whatever is right for you.

This makes it perfect for your needs, whatever your circumstances.

A one-time admission fee of £50 is levied on each new admission.

“Rosalyn shares the gift of in-depth hypnotherapy with coaching. She is brilliant at both but when combined, her skills provide a potent cocktail and her work is transformational. In a crowded marketplace she stands head and shoulders above the rest.” 

Michelle Bridgman, UK

All the ways of working with me can be via Zoom, as I have conducted the majority of my work in this way and perfected its delivery and support for you over the last six years.

In addition, I have a growing number of online courses and products available that can be found in the Shop section of this website.

At the outset, we will communicate either via a discovery call or email so that we can determine that in working together we can both achieve reciprocity for the investment of your faith, commitment and money and my time, support and expertise.

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