13 Module Group Course

13-week transformative program for leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to embrace self-discovery and success.

A 13-week DONE-WITH-YOU programme for leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs who want to stop counting the price they pay for their super-successful life and instead realign to their genius within and finally enjoy the benefits that this brings.

This is an online Group Coaching programme so in addition to my presence every week you also get the power of the group and peer support in a safe environment.

This is a coaching programme for those who know that most coaching and development programmes are not for them. You are not struggling, or at least not on the outside. You are driven, visionary and impactful but there is a mismatch between how good your life looks and how it feels on the inside.

This is my most advanced programme and it spans five core elements to create the change you desire because behind your super success you know that you feel:

  • Unappreciated: feeling like it’s all up to you
  • Conflicted: as you push harder you neglect more aspects of your life
  • Exhausted: wanting to step of the ‘do more to get more’ wheel
  • Out of balance: across all aspects of your life and being
  • Afraid: that this is ‘As Good as It Gets’

NOW taking reservations for the April/May 2023 course. For a no-obligation virtual coffee to learn more please email with REALIGNED LEADER in the subject line and we will make it happen.

Take charge of your success and inner fulfillment.

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