Reset your Resilience: A 30 day deep dive into your life



Reset your Resilience is a 30-day deep dive into your life at both the conscious and subconscious level.  In combining both, this is your opportunity to dive into the world of anti-fragility and find out ‘what lies beneath’. 


What do I mean by that? Well, despite your conscious efforts and successes in setting goals, planning, visioning a brighter future you may find it a long and exhausting road that you are on.

Although you have planned for the future, have created strategies and protocols to deal with setbacks and even dodge the curve-balls of the unexpected you may feel spent.

Despite having developed and invested in a success mindset and supporting your mental and physical wellbeing as much as you can to create physical and emotional resilience you are probably wondering why you still don’t feel at one with yourself, in flow, happy in your own skin.  Sound familiar? 

Well it was to me when I looked like I had it all going on with all the external signs of success but I was burnt out at my core.  I longed to get off the merry-go-round that was my exhausting and ever demanding life but didn’t know how to. Didn’t know if I could as what would happen to everyone who depended on me? 

I wanted to hit a reset button on my life and thoughts.  Like the ones we had for our old overloaded computers.  I wanted to upgrade my software and life in all aspects: relationships, business, health, finances, spiritual and physical wellbeing. I thought I had dodged a bullet and got away with making a million by age 40 but I was wrong.  The fallout followed me and I pretty much lost everything, forcing me to re-evaluate and create new strategies for life, love and my soul.

This course diffuses that knowledge and experience.  You will learn and have embedded at the deepest level new tools to help you relax your body and mind, release old blocks and guilt, and replenish to move forward stronger and more resilient than ever before.

You will learn powerful tools that help you eliminate energy blocks, and everything.

When you reset your mind, you reset your life!


Connect with Rosalyn Palmer Leading RTT Therapist and award winning Coach

About Rosalyn

Rosalyn Palmer is an Emotional Wellbeing Expert with a private practice in Newark (and Worldwide reach via Zoom) as an Advanced Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist* (ARTT), Clinical Hypnotherapist and award-winning coach.

She co-hosts the Radio Newark show Girls Around Town, and has a monthly newspaper column in The Newark Advertiser focussing on wellbeing issues on both. As a bestselling author of the award-winning self-help book: ‘Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life’ she makes emotional wellbeing accessible to all. Rosalyn is also a co-author of Amazon No.1 bestselling self-help books ‘Ignite Your Life for Women’, ‘Ignite Your Female Leadership’ and most recently, ‘Ignite Your Life for Female Changemakers’.

A member of the National Council of Psychotherapists; General Hypnotherapy Register & Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Formerly the MD/Founder of award-winning PR agency RPPR, Head of Marketing for an International charity and with an enviable CV from leading London agencies in the 80s and 90, Rosalyn has grown from many challenging life experiences. These include cancer, financial loss, loss of identity, depression, redundancy and divorce. She has moved from a top level business and corporate life to now supporting women and men who are facing burnout and overwhelm and other challenges of modern life. This colours and tempers her writing, broadcasting and speaking and makes her a highly empathetic therapist and coach.

(*RTT is an award-winning therapy created by Marisa Peer that combines NLP/Psychotherapy/CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy)

Here’s what you’ll receive: 

Reset your Resilience is a 30-day total deep dive into your life, separated into three in-depth modules – Relax, Release and Replenish. In each module, you will receive transformational video and audio recordings with accompanying worksheets and workbooks to help you create the change you are so ready to make in your life.

This 30-day bite-sized programme will leave you more resilient and focused, in flow and feeling that whilst everything in life isn’t perfect that you can cope with whatever it brings and find moments of joy no matter what. 

By the end of the course, I will guide you to: 

  • Feel more resilient and less stressed in your day to day life
  • Let go of old blocks, patterns and mental obstacles that are holding you back
  • Have a new sense of calm and self-worth
  • Have a sense of being in flow and know that it is available to you at any time






Course Details

Introductory Module: Welcome to Reset Your Resilience 


Understanding the complexity of your simple mind – insight into how your mind has been in the driving seat for thousands of years.

Material includes:

  • Video
  • Downloadable Workbook


Module One: Relax your body and mind

Release tension and stress at a physical level and calm your mind. Together, we’ll go deep into your subconscious mind, which will also enable you to let go at a cellular level using the power of epigenetics where the mind is controlling the body’s very DNA.

Material includes:

  • Transformational video therapy session
  • Transformational audio recording
  • Reset your Relaxation quiz
  • Reset your Relaxation worksheets

PLUS BONUS VIDEO: Energy, productivity and focus blockers and how to remove them



Module Two: Release – Discover what is holding you back and reset the old, faulty, software in your brain

In this module, you will be guided dig deep, like finding the roots of weeds in your garden, so that you can identify and pull them out to create a fertile soil for moving forward.

Material includes:

  • Transformational video therapy session
  • Transformational audio recording
  • Worksheet to help you keep track of the positive shifts are happening and identify the blocks still to overcome



Module Three: Replenish Your Body, Mind and Soul

Let’s finally stop that mind-chatter for ever and create a blueprint for the future life of happiness you crave and deserve. In this module, you’ll work through tools to keep your positive changes embedded and relevant to your new life.

Material includes:

  • Transformational video therapy session
  • Transformational audio recording
  • The 5Fs worksheet (WS2)
  • Final waggonmaster roll call, pep talk and a few more tools for your future!



Bonus One: How to talk to your mind so that it listens for your benefit!

Bonus Two: Goalsetting for Success workbook and audio transformational therapy recording




Rosalyn has a gift


“Rosalyn has a gift, a gift she readily shares to better the lives of others. Personally, after working with other therapists, I can truly reflect that the time I spent with Rosalyn was masterfully used to allow me the transformation I needed to continue on my path to success. The shifts one is able to make in a single session makes a profound difference to the client.”

JB Owen, Founder & CEO Ignite Book Series.


Her work is transformational


“Rosalyn shares the gift of in depth hypnotherapy with Coaching. She is brilliant at both but when combined, her skills provide a potent cocktail and her work is transformational. In a crowded marketplace she stands head and shoulders above the rest.”


Michelle B, UK.


I feel like a whole new person!


“I’ve got to say it’s been rather incredible. I’ve literally had no need for the medication or help in any way. Absolutely incredible change. It almost seems impossible how much of a difference the session made. Straight away from getting back after holidays I had no need at all for the pills. For a while my girlfriend didn’t even believe I had stopped taking them! Thank you so much! Made such a massive change to my life. I feel like a new person!”


Ben E, UK.

Ready to reset? Then join me for Reset your Resilience! 

You can purchase Reset your Resilience for just £97. This is a special ‘Ignite Your Life Right Now’ rate, exclusively for Summit participants – make your commitment to change right now and purchase the course below.  


Here’s a reminder of what you’ll receive as part of Reset your Resilience:  

  • 3 Powerful Modules
  • 6 Transformational Videos
  • 4 Powerful Audios
  • 2 Intentional Worksheets
  • 1 Course Workbook


  • 2 Bonuses 

You’re smart and I hate upselling so let’s face it, each element could be conservatively priced at somewhere between £29 – £49, making it a £250.00 value course at least.

And it is only £97.00. No more buff or guff. That is it.

Great value. Great content. Great shifts. Great to have you on board once you sign up.

With love and thanks,

Rosalyn x 





The Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards for natural products and wellbeing services. I was a winner in the Personal Development Coaching category for my Trust Transformation package.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and to Janey Lee Grace and her fellow judges. You can find the full list of award winners  here.