Is your life out of balance?

Would you like a new freedom of thought, action, and feeling? To take the mask off and rediscover your authentic self and your life’s purpose?

To experience joy and contentment?

Do you crave rest as you lay awake at night feeling like you have to keep spinning an exhausting array of plates on poles? Are you physically compromised or dis-eased?

If this is you, I am able to help you.

I have not only helped successfully 100’s of clients worldwide and trained other therapists how to pass on this gift, but also I’ve done this for me.

When running a PR company in London UK with all the trappings of success, I was exhausted and unhappy.

Now, with a thriving therapy practice, newspaper column, radio show, book deal and high media presence I am proof positive that a life of joy and balance cannot just be reclaimed and re-set but also re-imagined to beyond what you may dare to believe possible presently.

Combining the lessons life has given me, with results-based Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, NLP, and coaching I can work with you to transform your life so that you can enjoy the act of living at a greater level.   

Just fill in the enquiry form and you can be on that path.

Issues that I treat:


              Peak Performance

–  Work/life balance
–  Tapping into your life purpose
–  Corporate and business team motivation and success
–  Exam success (children and adults)
–  Motivation (end procrastination)
–  Goal-setting
–  Improving memory



               Mental Well Being

–  Confidence & self-esteem
–  Anxiety & stress
–  Fear & limiting beliefs
–  Compulsive behaviour
–  Guilt & shame
–  Depression
–  Addictions & phobias
–  Self-harm



               Weight loss & weight issues

– Anorexia & bulimia
– Eating problems & food issues



          Relationship issues  

– Attracting and sustaining love
– Relationship conflict resolution


                Sexual issues. Infertility and birth

– Erectile dysfunction
– Conception & IVF success
– Hypnobirthing


         Physical issues

– Cellular regeneration and healing
– Pain management